SEED through ground
God most often speaks to me through natural, normal things. At times these are the most inspiring things I hear and see; I want to share one of those times with you today.

A couple weeks ago Breanne and I were in a store that carries garden supplies along with many other things. As we walked around, the kids, Bryson and Brailee saw the seed packets. They became so excited. The just had to get some seeds and plant them to grow flowers, watermelons, pumpkins and other things.

Now, I know the problems with children planting ‘seeds’. Especially Brailee who is four years old. They expect you can plant the seed and it immediately grows what is on the picture. Bryson, who is almost nine, understands how this works a little better now, but we have been through this before with gardening. Nevertheless, I bought the seeds, potting soil, and small pots for them to plant them in. We went home and prepared our pots, placed the seeds, watered them and set them aside.

Except for Brailee. Brailee would take her little watering can and water them every few hours and say ‘GROW! GROW!’

I had read the back of the packages and it stated that it takes at least two weeks for them to even begin to grow. For this reason I was shocked when I saw growth popping through the dirt just a few days later. One week later, they were really growing, especially Brailee’s.

What I found quite interesting was that the harvest came right out of the seed. In other words it would grow with the seed still attached to the end until it fell off a few days later.

Through this God began to speak to me and say ‘your harvest is coming DIRECTLY from your seed.’

Do you know that your harvest is coming DIRECTLY from your seed? What seed do you have in the ground? Are you watering it? Are you speaking to it? It definitely worked for Ms. Brailee.

I want to do something different this month. When you sow your seed. I want you to sow it with purpose. I want you to do something to give you something to look at concerning THIS PARTICULAR seed this month. Either print off the copy of the receipt or make a copy of your check or write it on your bathroom mirror, but whatever you do, make it visible, so you can see it.

I want you to plant that seed with the expectation of a child. Plant it and water it daily, dozens of times a day if you feel you should. And each time you water it, speak to it, declare that your harvest is springing forth NOW from your seed, this seed. Declare it! Water it! And expect it! Nothing is impossible with God. But we must believe. Remember all things are possible to him who believes – not to him who ‘hopes it may happen’ not to him who ‘wishes it would.’ No, all things are possible to him who believes.

Bryson’s plants are growing along very well for a two week planting – it is a surprise to me. But Brailee’s – oh my goodness, I have had to move them to a bigger pot twice already. That is what I am praying for your seed this month – that you will have so much harvest from that ONE seed that you have no room to contain it.

All things are possible with God. Pray, seek God concerning this seed, sow it, water it and speak over it. This week we enter into the observance of Purim – where miraculous deliverance is recalled from the book of Esther. I am believing that your seed this month, sowed, watered and spoken over will produce a miraculous deliverance for you as well.

I am currently in a time of fasting and prayer before this holiday – part of my prayer time is for you – for the blessings of God to overtake you – therefore expect and believe it will happen for you this very month. That is what I am believing for you. May it be so, in Jesus Mighty Name.

Here is Brailee’s plant today: plant

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