Last week one of our readers shared a familiar scripture with me. Although it was familiar, I hadn’t thought about it for some time. Once she brought it to my attention, I couldn’t forget it. It is found in Psalm 65:11.

You crown this year with Your goodness, and Your path drips with abundance.

Today I believe the Lord wants me to remind you that He was and IS a God of abundance.

Now, I know most of you know that, but do you really believe it? Have you become intimately acquainted with the truth that He is a God of abundance?

Think about Abraham, God blessed him abundantly. God said to Abraham, “as far as you can see, that is what I have given you.”

God is still saying the same thing today to us. As far as we can perceive, or believe, God will give us.

His thoughts are much higher than ours. Whatever you think God has for you, according to the Word of God, it is much bigger than what you think.

Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think.” That tells me whatever you are thinking, it is bigger than that. Whatever you have asked for, God has more for you than that. Exceedingly, abundantly more than that.

You see, the Bible says that Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. The word abundantly means exceeding, over and above, much more, extraordinary, and more excellent.

I want you to stop and think a moment about what you have asked God for, then imagine it much more than that, over and above that. That is what He really has for you.

Our God is an abundant God; He is not a barely getting by God. In Psalm 65:11 it says His path drips with abundance. That, my friend, is overflow. It can only drip if it is overflowing with abundance! Think on that!

This means as long as you are walking His way, doing things His way, the path you are on should drip with abundance. But it is according to your faith. Do you believe God is a God of abundance? Do you believe He wants abundance for you? Or are you hoping He will simply help you make it through this month?

As for me, I believe I serve a God of abundance and that is what I am going to declare every day of my life. I am going to confess that as I walk His path, it drips with abundance for me. It drips because it is overflowing with all God’s promises. It is over and above all I need.

Keep in mind that His path means doing things His way. It means walking the place He tells you to walk. It means speaking the way He says to speak. It means trusting the way He commands us to. It means giving when He tells you to. It means turning the other cheek when it is required. It means simply walking as Jesus walked. If you do this, your path, the one God has for you, will drip with His abundance.

His abundance has nothing to do with your job, or how much you make. It has nothing to do with how much debt you may or may not have. His abundance comes from trusting Him and walking in His path and doing things His way. Whatever your circumstances, the fact remains that God has a way of overflow for you. It is His path.

Jesus came and died for a purpose. Part of that purpose is that you might have life, and life more abundant. The very best way we can honor Him is to live that abundant life, don’t you agree? This is your year. Your year drips with abundance. To overflow with all His blessings. May you see it with your eyes and experience His extreme blessings this very year.