cropped-archivesMy strength has always been in my worship. I have always known my anointing comes from my times of worship, my intimate times in the presence of the Lord. And for the past few years that is exactly what the enemy came after, my worship. When the challenges first started, I guarded my times of worship; they were precious to me and got me through many hard days and nights. But then the attacks kept coming, time after time. Eventually my worship became more difficult until I became weary and it was hard to worship – I began to worship by faith, knowing God was God regardless of what was going on with me.

It’s kind of like being married but no longer being in love. Often love is a choice and if you stay in it through the times that you don’t feel the ooey, gooey love stuff, you will find a deep abiding untouchable, God kind of love. I knew if I could continue to worship, even if by faith, that I would find a deep abiding love in God that was untouchable. I found it, a resolve that I couldn’t even describe, but at the end of that discovery I was weary, so weary that I had no spiritual strength left.

But just like with Samson, while the enemy wasn’t paying any attention, when he thought I was down for the count, my strength begin to come back. Much of that was due to others being willing to hold up my arms, but it came back. Praise God for that!

How about you? Where is your strength? Is it in spending time in the word of God? Is it in praying for others? Is it, like me, in spending time with God and in His presence? Is it in business? Wherever it is, rest assured, the enemy would love to invade and cut off your place of strength – don’t let him. Feed that place in you and make sure it stays strong. Nourish it daily, protect it and guard it – God will use that strength to make a world-changing impact that no foe can stand against – as long as you stay in your place of strength.

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