I believe it was the month of June, perhaps early July. I was walking to my mailbox. Something caught my eye, I glanced down to see what it was. To my surprise it was a giant, fall leaf. The largest I had seen. It was also out of season, there were no fall leaves in June.

As I reached down to pick it up, the Lord spoke to me and said, “in the Fall, watch for my blessings, you will begin to see them in the Fall.”

I took the leaf in the house and stuck it to my fridge, as a reminder of the word of the Lord.

I realize what I am about to share doesn’t seem to go with what I just shared, but stay with me and it will all come together.

Last week I had a dream. In my dream I had received a call that harvest was ready. It was time for me to pick it up and store it away for winter. I am not sure what harvest it was, I put up many different things for winter.

So, I began the drive to get my harvest. It was a long, windy road and it was dark outside. I pulled over into a church parking lot to set my gps for directions. As I sat there, I heard a noise, so I rolled my window down to listen. It was the sound of water. I looked across the road and saw a creek, or stream. The sound I heard could not have been from that stream, it was too loud.

I continued to listen. I could hear a sound like floodgates opening and water rushing, a massive amount of water in the distance. Suddenly, I heard a loud ‘whoosh’ and a tremendous amount of water began to flow, as in a breaking through. I woke up.

I have sought God for days about this dream, as I was certain it was from Him. I think it has several important points.

This occurs at harvest time, in the fall of the year.

The road was long, windy and dark. I believe this speaks into the season we find ourselves.

I pulled into the church to get direction. We must find our direction in God and His word. It’s vital to abide or park ourselves in Him and wait for direction.

Finally, while I was in the church parking lot, the floodgates opened. It is in our time spent with God and His presence, we not only find direction, but the floodgates will open and His blessings (our harvest) will be poured out.

While still meditating on this dream, I came across a prophetic word by Hank Kunneman. I must share it with you today.

God says, I extend My hand of grace, I extend My hand of goodness, I extend My hand of mercy, I extend My hand of power. And I am releasing an anointing, says the Spirit of God, at this moment and at this time, that My arm is not so short that it cannot save, and I am bringing forth an anointing that is going to break yokes, undo heavy burdens, and release My goodness that will reset you and bring a divine reversal of the things that you have been going through. And the Lord says these summer months are months to sow, months to give, months to give unto the Kingdom and watch the heavens that will begin to open. For the Lord says, I look and I wait. How shall you honor your God? How shall you give in these times, not only to the Lord God but unto others, that I may open the windows of heaven? And God says, it shall not just be open heavens but it shall be known in this summer season, as you do this, that I will cause the fall – I will cause the winter months, God says, to be different than what the fall and winter months have been prior, when I not only open the windows, but 2021 shall be known, says the Spirit of God, as the year of the floodgates opening. I will open the floodgates and it will be rushing, mighty suddenlies. The floodgates shall open for My people because of the harsh season that they have been under and that they have gone through. Watch the floodgates. Watch 2021, the year of the floodgates, says the Spirit of God, My blessing and My power, My rest and My provision, says the Spirit of the Living God. (Pastor Hank Kunneman)

I believe with every fiber of my being, my dream goes along with this prophetic word.

I believe we are going to see harvest! Blessings! Floodgates open and pour out the goodness of God in the land of the living. Those who have hunkered down in Him, continued to trust His faithfulness, sought Him for direction, are about to see His hand at work in their lives.

I receive this word from Pastor Kunneman and I purpose in my heart to diligently inquire of the Lord where He would have me give this summer. Not only to God, but also to others, as the man of God said. I will see the floodgates open over my family. I pray you do as well.

Friends, let’s rejoice. God is speaking. We will come out of this dark, windy season with plunder. Hold steady. Trust God for direction and keep moving forward. The rushing deluge of blessings are on the way!

Meditate on this:
Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty! Psalm 93:4

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