“He prepares me for battle; he strengthens me to draw a bow of bronze.” Psalm 18:34

I was talking with a friend one day and she shared a story with me that I found interesting, I am hoping you will too. I believe this story is very relevant to where we are right now, spiritually speaking.

The story was about the time when the Winchester Rifle was first invented. All the military had the rifles and they slaughtered many Indians. Mainly because the Indians were still fighting with bows and arrows and tomahawks. The Indians decided that they needed to level the playing field therefore they too would get some rifles. They decided to hijack a train, when they did they got a whole train load of rifles.

Now they had the same weapons the military had – there was just one problem. The next battle between the Indians and the military ended again with many slaughtered Indians, why? They had no idea how to use the rifles – although they now had a weapon as powerful as their enemy – they had no knowledge of how to use them – therefore they were still defeated.

This story caused me to think about the weapons we have been given – mighty weapons – weapons that are able to defeat every enemy, every time. Yet, many Christians are being slaughtered because they don’t use these weapons or they don’t know how to use them.

The Bible says our weapons are mighty and they pull down every stronghold. This means our weapons can defeat every enemy. If this is true, then what are our weapons?

The Word of God is a powerful weapon – the Bible says that great power backs the Word of God. It also says the Word of God will not return void – therefore wherever you send it, it will prosper.

The Name of Jesus is a powerful weapon – demons bow to that name.

Prayer is a powerful weapon – the Bible says the fervent prayers of a righteous man makes great power available. The prayer of agreement is a weapon, the Bible says where two agree, it is done.

Our mouth is a weapon – we speak forth the Word of God and darkness has to flee. We tell the devil to go and he must obey – there is life and death in the power of our tongue.

2 Corinthians 10:4 says in the Message Bible: We use God’s mighty weapons, not mere worldly weapons, to knock down the Devil’s strongholds. No, our weapons are not worldly – but they are mighty. And they are to be used to defeat every enemy in our lives. But to do that, we must know how to use them.
The Bible gives us full instructions on how to use these weapons. It is in our hands, literally, we only have to study and begin to practice those weapons. Psalm 18:34 tells us that God will teach us to battle. If you seek His face, He will teach you to wage war against your enemy – but you must seek Him.

Remember in the Old Testament, King David always sought God for strategies before every single battle. He didn’t assume that the same strategy that worked last time would work the next time, no he sought God for each battle. And God gave Him specific instructions every time. God is no respecter of persons – He will do the same for you.

You may find yourself in a battle today – the good news is you have all the weapons you need to win – and the better news is God will show you what weapons to use and how to use them – if you ask. The Bible says God will liberally give us wisdom – He will give us wisdom for battle. And the best news of all – your weapons are much more powerful than anything the enemy has.

Don’t be like the Indians of that time, weapons in hand and still defeated. Gain knowledge and understanding of your weapons and then use them. You will stand of awe of how much power you have in your hand and in your mouth – enough for victory every time.