Monthly Partner Letter – August 2017

What Have You Learned?

As most of you know, I just walked through a few weeks of challenges with computers.

I don’t know why it happened the way it did but one computer after another quit working until we were down to one computer. One morning that computer, a laptop, was working fine one moment, the next moment it went black and was gone. It was not repairable and so much had shorted out in it that we couldn’t retrieve my files.

After a couple weeks, and time seeking God, I had a computer built for me. Since my previous one was several years old, this new one was much different and worked differently, of course.

The first thing I noticed was a lag in the wireless keyboard and mouse. It drove me up the wall to try to work when my keyboard and mouse were constantly lagging. I would try to type and nothing would happen, or I would try to aim my mouse and nothing would happen for several minutes.
I went to an office supply store and purchased a wired keyboard which fixed that lag. But I simply bought a new wireless mouse. I had used this brand for years and loved it…but it would not work with this upgraded computer and upgraded wireless system in our office.

In the end, I was told it was probably interference with the wireless router and how close it was to my computer. Therefore, I sent Mom to grab me a wireless mouse to use until I could order a good one.

I hooked up the mouse and it worked perfectly. I walked down the hallway and God said to me ‘what did you learn?’

I replied, ‘I learned that I can no longer use wireless, for this upgrade, I must be hooked up DIRECTLY to the source.’ He said ‘exactly.’

Steve Shultz had sent me an email several weeks ago saying, God was going to give me an upgrade. While I do not believe this is all of the upgrade Steve was referring to, I do believe it is the beginning and it was God saying, ‘if you want this upgrade, here is what you must do.’

Now, I didn’t realize that before the upgrade would come tremendous challenge, but here I sit today with an upgraded computer and now it is working perfectly.

You see, for the past few weeks, it has taken me at least twice as long as it normally does to complete my work. I have worked past the point of exhaustion to get things done that used to be simple.

This morning, knowing this is the way it has been for the past few weeks, I came to work at 6 am expecting to have to plow through some stuff – however, it has been easy this morning and I have accomplished a great deal.


This is what God told me to share with the partners this month.

In this season, the one we are currently in, we must constantly be plugged into the main source, into God and into His word. It will work no other way.

We cannot do things the way we have always done them in the past and hope to get good results. We have to seek God and do things a new way, a deeper way, in this season.

This I also know, friends, we are in a season where God is giving us all upgrades…those who have been faithfully seeking Him. It is time for the breakthrough we have been believing God for.

Even this morning, as I checked my emails, I had several praise reports – things are opening up and things are manifesting for those who are seeking God.

YOU are one of those – expect BIG things this month – expect UPGRADES – EXPECT breakthroughs! And whatever you do, stay plugged into the main source at all times.

Oh, I am excited to bring you this word….it is time…EXPECT BIG THIS MONTH! And know that we are standing in faith with you.

As you sow your seed today, know that we are praying for you, standing with you and will continue to, until we see the full manifestation of all God has promised you. May God richly bless your seed and bring forth a speedy and full harvest, even this month. In Jesus name. Amen.
We love you!

Kim Potter