Monthly Partner Letter – 2019

The Best of Times…

That old saying, “the best of times, the worst of times” pretty much describes the past fifteen years of my life.

It has been a hard season to walk through, yet, I have come to know God more than ever.

It has been almost fifteen years ago that I lost everything, and I do mean everything. I remember the day it all started clearly. While in my prayer time with God, He asked me a simple question, one that carried great weight.

He said, “Can I take you to a place where your faith is unshakable?” I knew instinctively agreeing to go to this place would be hard. To get unshakable faith would require going through places where your faith was tempted to shake. This was true for the last fifteen years.

I have gone down paths that shook me to the core. I have walked through things I didn’t think I would make it through, emotionally or financially. But God walked with me through it all. Today I rest in His faithfulness.

Last Friday, December 6th, I closed on my house. My house. Now, that may not seem like a big deal to you – however, if you had lost everything at one time – and now found yourself alone for all those years – you would know…it’s a big deal.

When I look back at the years I have walked through – I am so very thankful.

It was hard but I learned things I could not have learned any other way. Therefore, I am thankful.

I don’t know why God didn’t deliver me from that season. He could have. Instead He walked me through it. He never left me, and He never stopped showing me the way through.

This year has been a hard year as well. There has been great resistance. However, I still feel we can finish this year strong – you and I together.

God has done so much for me this year. It’s 4:30 am and I am sitting here in my house, sharing my heart with you, my partner.
When I say you can make it through to victory – I mean it. I have walked it. When I say if you do things His way, He will show you the way out – I know this to be true. He is faithful.

At the beginning of the fifteen years I had so much debt it seemed impossible to ever pay off. It certainly seemed beyond impossible to do it all by myself. Yet again, God walked me through it.

I don’t know where you stand today, financially, but this I do know. God has a great plan for you and if you will walk with Him, He will manifest that plan right before your eyes. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen.

How did it happen?

For me, I declared and gave my way through and out. It seemed like I gave, financially, more than I could afford to give. Each time I would see something that seemed insurmountable, God instructed me to sow a seed. This year was no different. I believe I sowed more seed this year than I have sown in years. Perhaps not in the amount, but in the consistency.

I had latched onto the word by Kenneth Copeland, that it was going to be a year of abundant harvest, and I refused to settle for less. In calling my abundant harvest in, I had to give. You cannot reap if you do not sow. I continued to sow. Every single time God prompted me, I sowed. And here I am. A debt free vehicle and a home of my own, after all these years.

While it is not perfect, it is perfect for me. I still have some work to do, flooring, painting, and a few more things; but I have experienced His faithfulness. He will complete what He has started.

I shared all this to say; what He did for me, He will do for you. We are in covenant. Abundant harvest has begun for me, it’s time for it to begin for you as well. Press into that truth. Don’t let go.

Don’t complain. Instead give thanks for what He has already brought you through. You are still here. You are reading this. He is faithful. Allow Him to walk you through.

I have continually said God wants us to finish this year strong and I believe that to be truth. Let’s make these last two weeks of this current year the best yet.

I will be praying diligently for you – that you finish strong – that you finish with abundant harvest manifesting in your life – and that you finish, resting in His faithfulness.

This month, I am asking you to pray about the last donation you give this year. Pray and ask God what He would have you do and simply do what He says. If God leads you to, help us finish strong as well, by sowing your best seed of the year.

As you sow your best gift of the year….give it a name…sow it with a purpose…sow expecting a harvest. Give it a destination. Perhaps your seeds destination is a strong finish. Perhaps it is debt freedom. Perhaps it is the sale of your home. Or maybe, your seeds destination is your new home. Whatever your seed is…sow it NOW and sow it with purpose and destination.

Let’s go out of this year, strong in God and let’s enter into 2020, stronger yet. God has a good plan for each of us and we are stronger together.
Merry Christmas my friend and the most blessed New Year….let’s go out and enter in…STRONGER than ever!


Kim Potter