Monthly Partner Letter – July 2020

Dear Partners,

As I looked over Breanne and Brandon’s garden spot, a familiar scripture came to mind.

It is found in 2 Corinthians 9:10;

Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness.

While looking over their garden, my mind went back to the first year we planted a garden at my house. My aunt and uncle had come and help me prepare the area. We tilled, we fenced around it and then we measured our rows. Once our rows were done, it was ready for seed.

My aunt and I gathered our seed and headed toward the garden. Brailee wanted to help. She was very small at the time, perhaps two-years old. She has always wanted to be an active part of whatever we were doing. Planting seed was no different.

My aunt and I began to walk down the rows to plant seed. Brailee was behind us, with both her pockets and her little hands filled with seed. As we walked, my aunt and I dropped in one seed at a time. But little Brailee, she was coming behind us, dropping in a handful of seeds at a time. What a sight that was!

When our garden came up that year, there was harvest everywhere! It was not just one corn stalk here and one there, they were everywhere. All because of the multiplied seeds sown.

I continued to think about the scripture in 2 Corinthians 9:10, remembering something I once heard a minister say.

He said, “when we sow a seed, God goes behind us and multiplies our seed sown by dropping in even more seed.”

Suddenly, I could see it! I saw how this scripture worked.

I had seen Brailee do the same thing, come along behind us and add seed to our already planted seed. And, I saw the result of it – the abundant harvest of it.

Did you know that when you sow your seed each month, God goes behind you and sows more seed on your behalf? Oh, yes, He does!

God places an anointing of multiplication on every seed we sow in faith!

That word, multiply, means He increases every seed we sow until it becomes a great number. A mighty harvest.

He doesn’t multiply all seed, only seed that is sown.

He cannot multiply seed not sown.

This month as I pray over the donations that come in, I will pray according to this scripture.

I will pray Gods blessings over every seed that comes into our ministry. I will pray He multiplies every seed that is sown until it become a great number.

God is faithful. His word will not return void but will accomplish exactly what it was sent for. He will do what He promised and multiply every seed we sow.

I can still see clearly the corn from the year Brailee helped us plant the garden. Our seed multiplied and we had corn coming up everywhere – what a harvest!

May you see the same thing with the seed you are sowing this month. A harvest of mass proportions – coming up all around you – greater than you ever imagined.