Monthly Partner Letter – April 2018

It feels really good to finally begin my partner letter this month. It has been a battle to get to this place.

You are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for being a part of this ministry! Each of you are a tremendous blessing to us and to the body of Christ. So, let me begin by giving thanks for you and giving thanks to you!

This year so far has been awesome. I can hardly believe it is April already. Revelation has flowed unlike anything I have ever experienced.

That being said, I must say in the past few weeks, the spiritual resistance has been intense as well.

I don’t know about you, but we have faced great spiritual resistance. We have endured storms in the natural, and storms in the spirit. Understandably, it can be wearisome.

So many changes this month. Forced changes. However, I do believe God is forcing change much in the same way a mama eagle makes the nest uncomfortable for the baby eagle. Why does she do that? So the baby will leave the nest and fly!

I am firmly persuaded that the season has changed. We are being propelled into a new season in God. This move requires that many things change. It’s not easy. Frankly, it is a lot of work for all of us. But praise God! We are headed to a new place in God.

Frankly, this week I was at the end of my rope, I was so weary I can’t even describe it. I stopped everything I was doing and began to persistently get in the word and prayer. I made sure I was filling up with the word in a greater measure than the battle that was before me. I made sure I was praying in the spirit more than normal.

I learned something through this – the enemy will come with battle after battle hoping to weary you. If you do become weary, he will attempt to hit you with his best shot. I’ve learned his best shot isn’t near enough. Greater is he who is in us. Nothing compares to the God we serve. Nothing can stop the plan of God from coming to fruition. Nothing.

So, what do we do when these things happen. PUSH.

I was watching Breanne and Brailee the other day. They were on my back porch. Brailee’s chair was stuck on the rug on my porch. She said, ‘Mom, I can’t get across there.’ Breanne responded, ‘Brailee, push.’ She pushed and it moved a little but she was still stuck.

Breanne said, ‘push again!’ Brailee pushed again. Again, her chair moved but it was still not free. Breanne almost shouted, ‘Brailee, push real hard!’ Brailee pushed with all her might and she was free! She crossed over the problem and arrived where she wanted to be, with a big smile on her little face.

A scripture has been on my mind through this time, it is found in Genesis 27:40 and it says; And it shall come to pass, when you become restless, that you shall break his yoke from your neck.

I believe we have crossed over into a new place in God. I believe we are at the place of facing a few giants as we enter into our promised land. I refuse to be one who believes the giants are too big or that my God is too small. I choose to be one that knows my God is bigger than any giant. I choose to be one who know God has given me this land and I will go in a possess. I will push if I must. I will face whatever needs to be faced. I will enter into my land.
I chose to say, “this day, by the blood of Jesus, this yoke is coming off me!”

In other words, PUSH!

I was reading a message by Kenneth Hagin a couple days ago and the message said prayer asks for something, praise TAKES it.

I do believe we must keep praying. Keep declaring. Keep giving. Keep tithing. Keep worshiping and keep praising.

Partners, we are not stopping now. As a group of anointed believers, we are going to push until we lay hold of all that belongs to us. We are going to push with our prayers. We are going to push with our praise. We are going to push with our confessions and we are going to push with our giving. AMEN? AMEN!!!

Today, we lay hold of all that belongs to us. It is already ours. In Jesus name.
Again, I thank God for you. And I thank YOU for being a partner with this ministry. For standing with us, not only in prayer but in your giving as well. May God richly bless you.

This month, as you sow your seed, declare it is your PUSH seed.

Know that I am pushing with you. Breanne is pushing with you. Kelita is pushing with you. Glenna is pushing with you. As we push together, we will enter into our promised land. We will possess the fullness of the blessing of God. It’s our promise and we won’t stop until it is manifested in our life. In all of our lives. To God be All the Glory.

We love you and we are praying for you.

Kim Potter