I wrote to you yesterday about God confirming His word about the double portion He spoke to me about – but His confirmations didn’t stop there – this has literally been a week of Him confirming His word to me…therefore there is more I want to share with you about this exciting time we are in!

As I shared earlier, over the weekend God spoke to me about several things, one being believing God for a double portion, even though I had not seen our harvest as of yet, He is telling me to believe for double of what I had in mind and what I was praying for. He also told me that the month of May would be a month of pressing in and that I was to press into Him for the answer to prayers I have been praying. He shared with me how vital it was to spend time in prayer this month. He showed me that ‘contending for the promise’ was a key this month.

He told me that May would be a month of great possibilities and that nothing was impossible with God, if I could only believe like I have never been disappointed. I held these precious words in my heart for several days. Then on Tuesday morning I received a word from the Elijah List that confirmed all God had spoken to me, I want to share some of that with you today.

May will be a particularly significant month for us to advance His purposes and experience breakthrough.

God is saying that May will be a month of possibility, opportunity, and prayer. In fact, what the Lord said to me was that the month of May would be a time for us to yield to His voice. God told me that He would do what seemed to be the impossible in people’s lives as they yield to Him. For this season starting in May, prayer and meditation will be so significant because this will be a time that God gives us strategic plans on how we can advance forward in Him.

Prayer will take us into a new manifestation of power in this season. The Lord says that He is removing the blinders from off of our minds and giving us more hope and expectancy when we pray. The Lord is saying, starting in May onward:

“I’m going to cause you to open your hearts and expect more. For in your expectancy you will access the things that you so desire. Recognize that I am not resisting the fulfillment of your prayers. You are resisting them because you do not really believe I will do what I’ve promised you. I will contend with this issue and break this spirit of antichrist so that My people can truly believe Me in Spirit and in Truth,” says God. (Kyle T. Miller, to read this article in its entirety visit The Elijah List)

As I shared with you yesterday, God is confirming His word over and over again, the Bible says ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word is established.’ Therefore I was excited when God confirmed what He had spoken to me days earlier. Then I read Bill Burns word yesterday, which was yet another confirmation. Here it is!

May 2, 2016: If you will fight through you will win. It is a done deal. If I am for you who dare be against you, says the Lord. Come to this place where you believe with all of your heart, and trust with all of your might. I am the one who has sustained you, the one who provides for you, the one who heals you, and the one who walks with you. For, if you believe that and re-establish that in your heart and in your spirit today, you will have a phenomenal and glorious victory in the days that are ahead of you.

Friends, God is speaking and He is confirming His word. Are we listening? Are we hearing? Do we have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying and do we believe? Can we cast our nets of faith one more time and believe God is who He says He is and does what He says He will do?