I once interviewed a woman named Catherine Harrison. Catherine Harrison is an amazing woman in my eyes. She is a minister with an on-time message, all the time. She is a mom, wife and she has a passion for skiing. You may wonder what is so amazing about that, well, I will tell you, Catherine is blind. I can’t even fathom the courage and faith it would take to ski blind, yet she does it.

This morning I was thinking about this amazing woman. Breanne had once said something about her that came to mind, she said, ‘when you can’t see, you are forced to use senses that you wouldn’t normally tap into.’ Hmmm. This comment has been on my mind quite often this week.

My thoughts then took me to a city near us, a couple hours away, that I like to visit, it is called Helen, Georgia. Georgia is directly south of us. Several years ago I visited Helen Georgia for the first time. Bright and early on a Saturday morning we headed out, grabbed some breakfast and looked over our directions. We were both surprised that our directions took us north. We even turned around a few times and ask someone if we were going the right direction. It seemed so odd to us that we were going to Georgia, which is south of us, while heading north. It went against our natural senses and what we thought we knew. This brings me back to the statement about Catherine, ‘when you can’t see, you are forced to use senses that you wouldn’t normally tap into.’

We had to trust the directions even though everything in us felt like we were going the wrong way. Although we couldn’t see how we would arrive at our destination by going the opposite of what we felt, we had to trust our directions.

Have you ever been there? Have you ever been going in a particular direction and suddenly it felt like you must be going the wrong way because everything seemed wrong? I imagine that is how Joseph must have felt when God had given him this awesome dream and the next thing he knew he was sold into slavery and then ended up in prison. He must have wondered if he had taken a wrong turn somewhere.
Or how about Moses, God sent him to free God’s people and told him exactly what to do and say and he did it, yet his direct actions caused Pharaoh to increase the toil and labor on God’s people. Moses must have had some thoughts from the enemy of ‘hey Moses, you were sent to deliver and you have made it harder for God’s people, are you sure you are doing the right thing?’

Have you ever been in a place where the more you prayed the worse the circumstances seemed to get? Or have you ever been in a place where the more you sowed financially, the worse your finances got? Or, have you been in a place where you were praying for healing and your symptoms worsened? Of course, we all have. But the truth is that if you weren’t going the right direction, there would be no battle.
It is times like these that you have to tap into those senses that are on the inside of you that you may not tap into all the time. You have to trust what and Who is on the inside of you. You have to have faith in what you ‘know’ to be truth and refuse to look at the circumstances. One thing I know – God is faithful. Always and every single time. If you refuse to get off the path He has started you on, if you are fully persuaded in His faithfulness, He will make sure you arrive at your destination.

But what normally happens with many Christians is that when the enemy starts to put blocks or hindrances in their path – they feel they are going the wrong way and they stop and go back. Just because there is a hindrance doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path. Stop if you must, but don’t go back, seek God, let Him reaffirm His word to you and then move forward. The only way we don’t see our victory is if we quit and the enemy knows that. That is why he tries so hard to get us to quit. He knows when we make it to the other side; the victory belongs to us and everyone we bring with us.

When you pray and things seem to get worse, pray more, intercede more, confess more – you may even want to add some fasting to it. Remember, with Moses, all the things God had him do with his staff, he did some amazing things. But, Pharaohs men did the same things. It may seem that way in your life; every time you take a step the enemy is right there, issuing another attack. Just as it was with Moses, the time will come when the enemy can’t mimic what God is doing, God’s power is greater – make no mistake about that. However, to get to that point you have to keep obeying God, especially when it feels like you are going the wrong way. Trust your directions. Trust the word the Lord gave you in the beginning. Don’t doubt now, continue trusting. Don’t make any decisions based on what you feel – make every decision based on the word of God.

A friend of mine was once making a life-altering decision. God had told her to quit her job and begin her own business, however, she made great money and was finally living on easy street, somewhere she had worked hard to get to. Yet she knew God was telling her to quit and trust Him. She phoned me that morning in distress about this and said ‘Kim, it make no sense in my mind.’ I responded by telling her that you can’t make a spiritual decision with your natural mind. You have to tap into the mind of Christ. So she made her decision and felt giddy like a little child once she made that move.
There are many things in the Bible that won’t make sense to your natural mind, but you have to trust God. How could you march around a wall seven times and it fall down? How could you spend the night with the lions and not be eaten? How could a shepherd boy go up against a giant and defeat him? I will tell you how. God. They chose to simply believe God and act on His Word, regardless of what they were facing – and God showed them His faithfulness.

This friend, she rides a motorcycle. She told me that many women had talked to her during her trips and said they would love to ride a motorcycle, but they were afraid they would get hurt or die. She questioned God about this and He replied to her… ‘They are not afraid to die; everybody dies, they are afraid to live. It takes great courage to really live.’

Hebrews 10:38 says; Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him. It takes no courage to turn back – it takes great courage to keep going when the road becomes the darkest. My prayer for you today is that God will give you the ability to stand and persevere through every trial and come through to the other side, victorious. Remember, Jesus never said, ‘let’s go half way’ – He only said ‘let’s go to the other side.’ And He did. And you will too, if you trust in God, follow His direction, and refuse to get off the path.

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