I have often written on the scripture found in Ecclesiastes 11:4, but as I read it today I thought about it in an entirely different way – I love when God does that. Actually, one of our partners had sent me a set of teaching cd’s and when this scripture was brought up, I simply saw it in a whole different light.

The scripture says ‘He that observes the wind will not sow, he who regards the clouds will not reap.’

As I said, I have often written on this scripture, but always on the part that says ‘he who observes the wind will not sow.’ What does that mean exactly? It means that you may want to give to God, or to the Kingdom of God, you may even purpose in your heart to give, however, you will begin to look at the economy or your checkbook or your bills…all these things are the wind…and you change your mind about sowing.

But that is not the part I want to talk about today, instead I want to look at the second part of this scripture…he who regards the clouds will not reap. I have always known that if you did not sow you would not reap – that is simple and pretty much common sense, but I always thought if you sow…you will reap. After answering hundreds of calls about finances yesterday I found that many people are sowing and tithing and still not reaping a harvest.

Now for most of you I believe that you are in a time where you are about to begin to reap from the seeds you have sown, as a ministry we are pressing in by faith for your harvest. That is what I have been praying about all week for our partners. We are pressing into the Spirit of God and laying hold of your harvest and ours. But are there times when we need evaluate what is going on with our harvest?

The scripture says; if we regard the clouds we will not reap. What does that mean? It means if we look at anything besides what the word of God says we will not reap. When I looked up the word ‘clouds’ one meaning was darkness. When we set our eyes on what the enemy is saying about our harvest or our seed sown, it can hinder our harvest, it can delay our time of reaping.

In other words, you sow your seed in faith, you know God led you to sow, you are believing for a harvest, then some time passes, or circumstances change and you begin to question how it could happen like you first believed it would.

Or you sow your seed believing God that your harvest will come through a promotion or overtime in your job and suddenly you get laid off, now you can’t figure out how it could possibly happen and you begin to look at the clouds, you begin to look at the dark circumstances rather than look at what God says about your seed sown. God has said ‘if you sow, you will reap.’

If you observe the winds you will not sow…this is true…if you look at the economy or look at your bills or look at your needs, you will not sow…and if you don’t sow, you have no harvest coming. But we have to go one step further; you must also refuse to regard the clouds. Once your seed is in the ground, you can’t observe the clouds, instead you must water it daily with the word of God and you must refuse to look at anything other than what the word of God says about your harvest. Jesus is LORD of the Harvest, He is what you should be looking at when your seed is in the ground, not the clouds, not things the enemy tries to cloud your mind with, only at what the word of God says.

Most people do not want to hear teaching on finances, but if there is one thing quite clear to me after today’s prayer calls, people NEED teaching on finances. It is obvious that many of us have tried to do it our own way long enough, it is time to do it God’s way and go completely 100% by the word of God. It is time to learn what His word says about money and do it His way, only His way. If we don’t begin to observe and regard His word concerning finances we are going to forever be broke and in lack. There is one way out…His way. It is high time we realize that.

One morning I was standing in the bathroom getting ready for work, I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, the Lord asked me a question, He said; do you know why 90% of the church is living in poverty and lack? I knew right away I didn’t know the answer. I waited and He said; because 10% of believers are givers, they carry the entire weight of the finances of the Kingdom of God and those 10% are coming into a time of blessing like they have never known.

I know statistically less than 10% of people in the church tithe and give regularly, that means the other 90% are eating from the teaching of the word of God and 10% are financing the Kingdom…but that 10% is about to walk in blessings like they have only imagined. I know for us personally, we have 10,000 readers daily, we have about 150 regular partners. It is just this way in most churches and ministries – thank God for those who do understand God’s ways and word concerning finances.

It is my prayer that each of us will come into the knowledge of the truth and begin to walk in that truth and experience the blessings of God in finances. It is my prayer that each of you will experience the abundance God has for you…and it starts with knowing His will and His way concerning finances.



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