I was having a conversation with my grandson recently about what he wanted to do when he grew up.  Without hesitation, he said, “I want to work in the field of space, even if I have to be a janitor.”

“A janitor?” I questioned.

He said, “Yes, Nana, I imagine the janitor who was picking up the trash from the Apollo 13 felt proud.  Can you imagine?  He was picking up the residue from the Apollo 13, that would be awesome! He could say, I was there that day!”

As I listened to him talk, I was reminded of a scripture.  Psalm 84:10 says, “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand.  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

Bryson was saying, “I will take the lowest job available just to be near space.”  David was saying, “I will take the lowest job available just to be in the house of God.”  I love a heart like that!

That is a humble heart.  God can do a lot with a heart like that, we see that truth in the life of David.

Not all people feel that way.  Some feel if they can’t do something big for God, they won’t do anything at all.

I think back to the first thing I did for God.

I cleaned the church every week.  All parts of the church, including the toilets.  I was happy to do it.  I did it as unto the Lord and His presence always met me there.  Just as much as it meets me when I am speaking to a crowd of people.

Seemingly small things mean a great deal to God.  He watches.  He too, loves a heart like that.

I received an email from a partner a couple weeks ago about something she was doing for the Lord.  She didn’t have all the equipment needed to make the task easy, but she did it anyway.  Let me share her email with you…

Thank you for the ‘appoint my days’ gifts you send to partners.

I always take a screenshot of these and share with my family.  I think they are such a blessing and such an insight.

This morning I read devotions, did my prayer time, read some more, prayed some more, did communion, anointed everyone and my house with oil, and started on my day.

I should say I knew I was supposed to do this last night.  The idea came to me in sleep- or light sleep. The people I would interact with, they could be full of fear, sheer terror. I had just talked my sister back out of the realm of fear and into the boldness of God and how you cannot- just the first 2 verses of Psalm 91- you get 4 names of God- the magnitude of how in control He is- you cannot dwell in him and have fear come near. And the peace of the Holy Spirit- yes I am trying to keep my family so full it bubbles over, tips over the top, like a full cup.

That’s what these “appoint my days” have been for me. When I’m filled up in his word and prayed up and built up on most holy faith- add that appoint my days- all of the screenshots. My favorites started in January- so I read them aloud from January to present.

It felt like an arsenal. That’s what it is. There’s no fear, only power. So, when I knew I would face others who don’t have that, the general public, that I don’t know, I prayed for whoever the people I would encounter would be. And I wrote out my favorite gift, from you, for them.

I’ve put your ministry at the bottom. I hope they will go home and keep that prayer, say it daily, then go to your website and dig for more.

I’m at the small cabin in Alabama, with no printer, so I had to hand write it. I am telling you- the employees at Walmart and Wells Fargo received this today and I know they will be touched by God.

Just wanted to share how very appreciative I am for every single part of your ministry. I’m thankful for the arsenal you’ve helped me build.

God bless and keep you,


This partner did a seemingly small thing that made a big impact.  What a blessing it would be to receive one of her handwritten, appoint my day prayers, when you are battling fear!

You see, we can all do something in this season to bless others.  Take a moment today and be a blessing or an encouragement to someone.  Make the time to do one little thing for someone else.  We are blessed to be a blessing…let’s be one!


Meditate on this:

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.  Matthew 5:16




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