Today I was looking through some of last year’s motivations. I do that sometimes to encourage myself. I was astounded when I came across the following motivation. It seems I am in the same place this year…. And I was so encouraged as I read this motivation that I had to share it with you once again, it is SO RELEVANT today…the word is alive and full of power. It is as relevant today as it was the day it was originally written…enjoy!

I love when God confirms His word, don’t you? I have learned to wait upon the Lord for His confirmation when He speaks things to me that are specific and for a certain time.

In Matthew 18:16 the word says; “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.” I was thinking of this very scripture early Tuesday morning as God confirmed His word to me.

You see, last weekend, I was spending some quality time with God when He began to speak some things to me. I was praying about some things and how it seemed we had hit some strong opposition for the past couple months. In the midst of me asking God about this He said ‘for the next month, I want you to press into me for double what you have been believing for.’ I said ‘God, did you hear me? We have been hitting opposition and haven’t yet received what I was believing for in the last two months.’ He said ‘in the next month, I want you to begin to believe for double and decree double.’ I took a deep breath and said ‘okay.’

Later that day He led me to a teaching I did last year on launching out and casting your net one more time. I knew again, He was encouraging me to believe one more time. That day I wrote out scriptures and declarations for the thing God told me to do. I began my declaration and pressing into God for the double.

On Tuesday morning I awoke at 3am. I looked at my phone to see what time it was and a message beeped in. It was a word from Lana Vawser and it said; On the Other Side of the Opposition Giant Is a Double Portion! I sat up in bed and began to read her word from the Lord. I have to share it with you:

There has been an increase in opposition this week, giants arising from the past, witchcraft and jezebellic spirits have been coming against many with intensity, and I felt the Lord saying that ON THE OTHER SIDE of these giants opposing you and coming against you are DOUBLE PORTIONS. You may feel like you are not gaining ground or momentum may feel like it has suddenly been hindered, STAND UP and FIGHT for you are gaining more ground in this moment right now. These giants of opposition are BEING SLAYED AS YOU PRAY and are about to completely crumble. There’s nothing wrong with you! You are BURSTING FORTH and BREAKING THROUGH into a whole new level of freedom, boldness and level of His power displayed. DOUBLE PORTIONS are waiting for you on the other side of these giants! You are about to TREAD ON THEIR HEADS in the authority and power of JESUS!!!! They’ve come against you hard because of the BREAKING THROUGH and new level of promotion before you.

I knew this was a word from God for me, confirming what He told me to believe for in May. I knew He was showing me what was on the other side of the opposition.

With that being said, I know I am not the only one experiencing opposition. I feel many of you reading this have been facing opposition. For myself, I knew the opposition was because I was making progress in the Spirit, and that is the good news. And the great news is that on the other side of the opposition is a double portion – just as God told me to believe for – isn’t that awesome!

How about you? Have you been hitting a wall of opposition? Does it feel like you are pressing and pressing and getting nowhere fast? If so, I know the feeling. Nevertheless, our God has said that a double portion is on the other side – I don’t know about you – but I am going to the other side!

Friends, I am so excited in my spirit – I know our God is speaking and we are hearing. May we continue to press against the opposition until we reach the other side of it and may we see the fulfillment of our double portion on the other side. That is my prayer for you and for myself.

Prayer for Today: Father, I thank you for confirming what you have spoken. We decree this day we will press and press until we reach the other side of this opposition and we SHALL lay hold of our double portion. In Jesus name. Amen.

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