Now we have this hope as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whoever steps out upon it – a hope that reaches farther and enters into the very certainty of his Presence within the veil. (Hebrews 6:19 Amplified Bible)

Have you ever had days when the enemy is working overtime to try to convince you that God isn’t who He said He is? Or perhaps circumstances are screaming at you that you are going under this time, but God has said ‘you are the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath.’ I have had many times when the enemy tries to tell me that God isn’t who He said He is but I know when the enemy is attempting this hard to discredit my God, there is something he is afraid of.

In the book of Daniel, chapter 7, verse 25, we find that is the enemy’s job to speak words against the Most High God. His very goal is to weary the followers of God. His sole purpose is to talk and talk until you are worn out. Have you ever sat and listened to a person who talked on and on and there was simply no life in their words? Didn’t it wear you out? I have been around people like that before and I simply have to get away from them, I need to hear something with life in it.

You cannot sit and listen to the devil harass you hour after hour and say nothing. If you do, you will lose the battle. Try this; weary HIM with your words. Tell him over and over and over how good your God is, tell him that God said you would never fail and no weapon formed against you shall prosper, tell him what the word says about you. You have enough ammunition to go on and on for days, weary him with your words. Wouldn’t it be great if believers would rise up and begin to weary the enemy so much that he would be running in terror? It will happen, if you make it happen.

In 1 Timothy 1:18 we see one way to battle the enemy with our words. The scripture says to war a good warfare with words that have been spoken to us. Take those words and continually keep them in the enemies face and tell him ‘I know it may look one way, but here is the final outcome. God said it and it shall be established it my life, He said it, He will do it.’ You see, the enemy is counting on you becoming discouraged and giving up – that is his only hope. But our hope – our HOPE is Jesus and what He accomplished at the cross. Our hope can’t fail. We have to take our hope and use it as a weapon of war.

This brings several scriptures to mind. Paul tells us to fight the good fight of faith, but not only to fight it, but finish it! Don’t just fight to fight or run the race to run, run to finish, fight to win. In a scripture found in Isaiah, the Lord came forth like a mighty man and crushed his enemies. He did not leave them standing, He crushed them.

This is the same thing we should persevere to do to our enemies. We shouldn’t stop until we ultimately crush them.

The Bible tells us that if we do not give up, we will receive the promise. That should be our stand. But, some of us would rather settle for temporary relief than fight on for ultimate victory. I fully understand that emotions, but wars are not won by emotion and spiritual wars are won with the word of God. Never settle for temporary relief, press on to ultimate victory, never settle for less, when your heart is crying out for more.

Never allow the enemies of your life to overtake you. I don’t care what your enemies are; debt, lack, sickness, division in your family, or just plain weariness. You have authority over every enemy and you can change the situation, every time, if you will continue to fight.

This reminds me of the mom of our puppies that we had several years ago. Her name was Princess, and she had always been a very timid dog. She has never barked to my knowledge and sometimes even cowered in the corner. On the other hand, our male, Dudley, he was small, but thought he was the stuff, he would bark and try to pull Princess around by her leash, he tries to attack much larger dogs, he is all bulldog. One day, as Princess was feeding her babies, Dudley was walking around her, just tantalizing her. She took it for about 15 minutes and then with no warning, she attacked! She didn’t growl to warn us, she lunged for Dudley with the most frightening bark I have ever heard. Why did she do that? I can tell you.

We as women were created by God to give birth. This not only applies in the natural but in the spirit as well. We are to birth breakthroughs, to release new beginnings into this earth. When Princess saw that something threatened her new beginnings, her promise she had given birth to, she was no longer timid, she didn’t stop and say ‘hmmm, perhaps he doesn’t really mean them harm’ no, she did what her instincts told her to do, she attacked what she perceived to be her enemy. (Men, you give birth spiritually too.)

Have you ever felt as if you were backed in a corner? We all have – and we all have two options. Cower in the corner, or come out fighting. We can be timid or we can stand in the fullness of the power and authority that was given to us at the cross. Everything we need to have complete victory is in our hand and in our mouth.

We have so much to stand on and absolutely no reason to fail. Why? Because God can’t fail. We have His word on it. I found a scripture this week that has brought me great comfort; I want to share it with you. It is found in Hebrews 6:18-19, it says that it is impossible for God to lie. It goes on to say that we have a strong consolation when we run to God for refuge. It says that this hope is an anchor of our soul, sure and steadfast and absolutely cannot break. The Amplified Bible says that it can’t slip and it can’t break down under whoever steps out on it. Don’t you love that? If you have chosen to step out on faith you are standing on solid ground, it doesn’t matter how shaky it feels, it can’t breakdown or slip under you – it is solid. You are standing on the solid Rock. That’s what hope is.

Remember the Bible says that Abraham hoped against hope? What does that mean? That means when everything in the natural world said there was no hope, he hoped anyway. The reason for that is because we don’t rely on natural hope, our hope is in God and that is unfailing. It is the same for you, everything you see with your eyes may tell you that it is impossible. What you see may tell you that it is over and you have lost, but that is irrelevant in this place that you are standing. The only thing that has any relevance here is God’s word and what He has said to you. Stand on in hope. All things are possible with God. Absolutely nothing is impossible with God. When you are standing with Him, you are standing in the right place, don’t move.