Yellow Warbler MaleYesterday I was riding out of town with a friend, we were talking about trusting our Savior to save us through different circumstances. As we talked I remembered a story about Bryson, my grandson, when he was three or four years old. I want to share that story with you today and remind you….He is our Savior, our Savor, who can be trusted.

Bryson had spent the night with me and we were driving back to his house the next day. As we were talking he said ‘Nana, I wish you would tell me a dinosaur story.’ You see, I made up stories and told them to him all the time when he was little, about dinosaurs or dragons or fish or anything we could imagine. Anytime we were driving, I told him stories and he loved it…my Mom laughed one day and told me I should write a children’s book after she heard one of our stories.

Anyway, I told Bryson a story about a dinosaur that had become stuck in a trap and Bryson freed him, then later on the dinosaur saved Bryson from a mean bear. Bryson loved the story and reminded me of it later on. He said ‘Nana, I think we should go look in the woods for the dinosaur in the story, but we have to give him a name.’ I said ‘okay, buddy, what do you want to name him?’ He replied ‘I think we should name him saver – because he saved me from the big mean bear.’ He thought about it quietly for a few minutes and in the sweetest voice I have ever heard he said ‘Nana, if someone saves you, don’t you think we should always remember they’re our saver?’ Oh, my Nana heart melted…and of course I thought immediately of the one who I call Savior.

What we call a person is very important and says a lot about our relationship with them. For instance, I call my mom, ‘mama’ that is who she is to me; I would never call her Glenna, even though that is her name. However, I know people who don’t have a good relationship with their parents and they refuse to call them Mom or Dad.

If you call someone sir, it denotes respect.

Now, if someone has saved you, shouldn’t you know and call them Savior? Of course. This led me to study exactly what the word ‘savior’ meant. It means to save, to keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction, to deliver from the penalties of judgment and to save from the evils which would attempt to obstruct receiving deliverance.

That is the picture of our Savior – One who saved us from sin, keeps us safe and sound, rescues us from danger and destruction – but He doesn’t stop there, He also delivers us from the penalties of judgment and if that is not enough…he saves us from anything and everything that would attempt to stop or hinder our deliverance. What a Savior.

Jesus is many things to me, He is my Lord, my King, my Peace, my Provider and so much more…but today I want to remember Him as my Savior. My SAVIOR. He saved me – He delivered me – He keeps me safe and sound…He is my Savior.

Whatever you acknowledge Jesus to be in your life, He will become more and more. I encourage you today to take a moment and remember He is your Savior. Remember what He saved you from and what He brought you into – His Kingdom – His rule – His protection – His provision – He is your Savior – acknowledge that today.

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