Over the past couple weeks something has happened to me that has never happened, at least as far back as I can remember.

During the past two weeks, as I have been traveling a back, (country) road, I have come upon someone who is out of gas. The first instance occurred a couple weeks ago, we started up a road that was on a steep hill, about half way up a man was pulling a trailer, he was stopped in the road. We ask him if we could help and he said ‘the boss man forgot to fill it up with gas.’

We went to the gas station at the foot of the hill and purchased a gas can, filled it with gas and took it to him. He was grateful.

Then, just a few days ago I was headed to Breanne’s. There is a back road that I can cut through from my house to hers, not very traveled but makes the route much quicker. As I drove down that road there was a truck in the road stopped. I pulled up beside it and said ‘do you have a phone?’ He said ‘yes, but I am not having any luck.’ I said ‘what’s wrong?’ He said ‘I’m out of gas, I meant to stop but I got busy talking and forgot.’ He said ‘I will pay you to bring me a gallon of gas.’ I asked if he had a can and he did not.

Again, I went down the hill to the closest gas station, bought a can, filled it with gas and took it to him, without being paid for it. He was very thankful.

This happened twice in such a short time that I took notice of it. Then I began getting emails from many of our partners and I realized they, too, were running on empty.

I believe, as you know, that our life often mirrors what is going on inside of us. I believe if we have a messy house or car it is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. I also believe we can be running on empty or even out of gas spiritually. In those times we need to be filled back up.

The first man I encountered was pulling a heavy load and going up a hill when he ran out of gas. I see this often in the body of Christ. Someone gets a word from God and begins to climb to that place with all that is within them – half way there they often run out of gas spiritually. It may be through weariness, doubt, or listening to what others may be saying. Whatever it is they may begin to question if it is really God or not, as they do they begin to run out of spiritual gas, or passion.

The second man got busy and didn’t take time to get gas. I see this quite often as well. People start out putting God first and taking time to spend time in His presence, as they do the anointing increases in their life and their gift becomes more in demand. While doing the ‘work of the Lord’ they often become so busy that they don’t take time to stop and fill back up. They just keep going and going only to discover that all of a sudden they are out of gas spiritually.

I believe many of us are low on gas or even out of gas. I am seeing it all around me. We have to do something about this.

First we must take time, TODAY, not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY to spend time with God, reading His word and getting in His presence….you must be in His presence to remain full spiritually. The Bible tells us to be filled with the fullness of God always. That’s what we need to do.

Secondly, we need to be prepared to help others remain full. We need to be willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are full enough to get to a spiritual gas station. The Bible tells us to be prepared by having a word in due season…keep the word of God in your heart and coming out of your mouth so that you can encourage others, empower others to keep going. This is our part.

Friends, there are many….MANY…among us who are running on empty, lets help them fuel back up. And if you are one of those running on empty. Go to our website, study the scriptures, read the prayers. Take time to spend time in His presence today. Read the word of God today, fill yourself back up.

We must stay full of Him, of His word, of His presence, we must stay full, if we don’t we will find out that we are the one on the side of the road, out of gas…don’t let that be you.