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My little granddaughter, Brailee, had a need of more comfort items than Bryson ever did. Brailee carried around a Minnie Mouse blanket with her everywhere she goes, actually she still does. It even goes with her to school in her backpack.

Today I thought about something she did a couple years ago, when she was two years old. She was sitting at my desk, wrapped in her blankie and she said ‘Nana, can I have my deecee?’ Now, let me explain about the deecee. She had a real attachment to pacifiers. She did not leave home without one. She had to have it when she was going to sleep. To make matters even worse, she did not take it out of her mouth to talk; she talked around it, which made it incredibly difficult to understand her.

Breanne noticed that they were affecting her teeth and began to break her from them, it was a painful process but at that time she had not had one in a long time, I was surprised when she mentioned it.
I told Breanne she had asked for one and Breanne said ‘I feel bad because the things I am taking from her are the things that bring her comfort, but it is for her good and I am doing it for her benefit. If she keeps hanging on to these things it will damage her in the end.’ She was speaking about her teeth.

When she said that I quickly began to write down a few notes; you see I realized this is the very thing God does with us from time to time. He takes away our comfort items so we can grow and mature.
I began to think about baby eagles. When a momma eagle wants to teach them to fly, she begins by removing everything comfortable from their nest. She takes away their cushion and comfort and begins to push them toward the edge of the nest.

I have seen God do that with me lately, there were things and people I thought I couldn’t live without but he has shown me that there is nothing I can’t live without apart from Him.

There have been things I have found great comfort in, little things that I thought were vital to my life but I have learned that I am just fine without them.

I believe, just like the baby eagle, there comes a day when God want to take the false comforts from us so that we depend entirely on the true Comforter, Him.

Just like little Brailee, it is uncomfortable for a while. It may even be miserable for a season, it may cause us to whine and cry a bit, but in the end we will come to know that it is for our good.

Romans 8:28 says; And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Perhaps you find yourself in a place today where God is moving some things or even some people out of your life, if so, remember Romans 8:28, God is working all things together for your good because YOU are called according to His purpose. One translation says that we can be certain that every little detail is working for something good in our life. I, personally, believe that.

As most of you know, I had a few rough years, with a lot of loss, but I have learned through it all God has a purpose and He is certainly working things for my good and the good of those involved.
God is a good God, if he is taking something away, it must be for your good. He wants you to find comfort in God alone. He wants you to run to Him for answers. He wants you to run to Him for decisions. He wants you to run to Him for all those things that bring you peace and joy, not to a blankie or a pacifier. As silly as that sounds, I do hope you get the point.

I heard a woman make a statement today about her husband who just went to be with the Lord. The statement was so profound. She was speaking of her husband and his faith and said ‘the bigger his God became in his life, the smaller his world became.’ I understand that, everything and everyone pales in comparison to God and the bigger God becomes in your life, the smaller the rest of it seems…and that is a good thing.

God is working all things for your good – trust Him in that. And walk in joy.

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