85bf89c18620e74173a73fae58ec1ff0Last night, I was spending time with God and enjoying being in His presence when He began to show me some things that I want to share with you today.

The Lord showed me that there was an anointing present for breakthrough, as He did, I lifted my hands and said ‘Lord, I receive it, all of it.’ His presence was very strong and powerful, frankly at that moment I wished I had someone to lay hands on and pray for concerning their breakthrough…but since I was home alone…I began to pray for several people who I knew needed breakthroughs.

The word breakthrough is defined as a significant and dramatic overcoming of a perceived obstacle, allowing the completion of a process.

In II Samuel 5:20 and I Chronicles 14:11, we find David proclaiming ‘The Lord has broken through my enemies before me like the breakthrough of waters.’

The Biblical meaning of breakthrough in this scripture is: bursting forth, an outburst of God’s wrath, to break or burst out from a womb or enclosure. The last definition reminds me of all God has been saying about birthing things lately – a breakthrough will cause that thing you have been laboring for to burst out of a womb or enclosure. Have any of you felt as if there was something hindering the fulfillment of your promise? Have any of you felt as if you needed a breakthrough like David had that day? Where God literally burst through his enemies right in front of his face, broke through so violently that it was like a breaking through of waters? Have you ever stood in the ocean while a large wave crashed upon you? If so you know that it probably took you down with it. This is how God was with David’s enemies.

Today, instead of writing to you, I want to pray for you…I want to pray for you and release the breakthrough anointing into your life and your situation.

Prayer for today: Father, You said the anointing was here in fullness for breakthrough, I am acting on your word and I know that as I do You will back up your word and cause breakthrough to come forth to every person reading this who believes you are the God of the breakthrough and you are breaking through on their behalf THIS DAY.

I release breakthroughs today in Jesus name. I release breakthroughs in the lives of all the children represented by the families reading this, I release and declare breakthrough in the children for salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration NOW in Jesus name. Breakthrough go forth and bring the children in today, heal the children today, deliver the children today and bring forth restoration.

I release and declare breakthrough in the finances of every single person reading this who believes the word of the Lord – anointing for breakthrough I declare that you touch the finances of every single reader, God, just as you did for David that day, break forth today on the spirit of lack and the spirit of mammon in the life of every reader – burst forth upon the spirit of lack and debt and mammon like a breaking through of water, now in Jesus name. Crush every enemy that is attempting to hinder the abundance that you have promised your people – destroy those enemies now by the anointing of breakthrough. We proclaim that You are the Lord of the breakthrough and THIS DAY You are breaking through the enemy of lack in our life…THIS DAY in Jesus name.

Father, I ask that you break through every sickness and disease that it attacking our readers – break forth on all sickness and disease and remove it from our midst just as you did for the children of Israel, I declare that breakthrough has come to the body of every person reading this – breakthrough has come now and from this day forth we will all walk in divine health in Jesus name.

Father, YOU SAID there was an anointing here for breakthrough – I release THAT anointing, the anointing of breakthrough and declare breakthroughs manifest by the hundreds today in Jesus name. I know You hear me and I know since You hear me that I have what I have asked – I have obeyed Your word and petitioned you today for breakthrough to touch the life of every single reader – I fully expect you to fulfill these words and to make certain that every single word comes to pass this day in Jesus name, all comes to pass. We call it done and seal it in the blood of Jesus Christ. (if you agree say AMEN)