This past weekend the Lord gave me a dream that was quite profound. It was two dreams, with the same exact details on the same night. I don’t believe this dream was just for me but for the entire body of Christ.

As I awoke from these dreams and pondered that it was the same dream twice in one night, the Lord reminded me of a scripture found in Genesis 41:32. It says; And the dream was repeated to Pharaoh twice because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.

The first dream began with a scene in which I had two babies. Both babies were newborn and both were in bassinets. I would take each baby out one at a time and feed it and change it and then put it back in its bassinet. Several times I did this with each baby.

There was a man in the dream with me, directing me in what to do and when.

In the dream, I suddenly I knew it was time for one of the babies to mature. I took it out of the bassinet and put it on its stomach on the floor. I knew when I did this that it would strengthen the baby and it would soon be crawling and then walking. Somehow, I knew this would strengthen the baby for what lay ahead. The man stood by watching me the entire time, nodding his approval.

In my dream, I went to sleep while the baby was in the floor strengthening its body. The very next day that baby had matured into a full-grown man. It was supernatural and awesome and it happened suddenly as if time had been sped up!

I woke up from the first dream and then went back to sleep and had the same dream again.

As I awoke the second time I knew the Lord was showing me that there is a ‘baby’ in my life that will mature overnight and come to a time of fullness and fruition overnight.

In a dream a baby can represent many things; ministry, business, a desire, a prayer. Therefore, God was showing me that this thing would mature literally overnight.

I began to seek the Lord about the importance of putting the baby in the floor. As I studied the reasons for this action, I gained insight into my dream.

First, when you place a baby on the floor on its stomach, it must look up! As it does, it’s eye muscles get stronger and the baby’s visual development goes to a new level.

This bore witness with me as the Lord has been telling me for days ‘lift up your eyes…’ As we look up to God, place our focus on Him, our vision in the spirit will become stronger and stronger, our visual development will go to a new level in God. I knew this was part of what God was showing me in the dream.

Also, when you put a baby on its stomach it strengthens its neck, shoulders and its core.

The neck represents our will, it represents stubbornness, self-will and unbelief. This too made sense to me as God has had me studying hardness of heart which breeds unbelief.

Shoulders in dreams mean ‘burden bearer.’ And our core represents our inner man.

So, what do I feel God is saying to me? I believe He is telling me that there is a ‘baby’ in my life or the life of the ministry that can mature overnight – that can come to fruition overnight. That this overnight maturity or coming to a time of fullness, is God’s desire and plan and He intends to establish it in my life.

However, the baby needs strength in some areas…first of it, it needs to look up! To look only to God for this supernatural harvest, this supernatural time of maturity. Furthermore, I must get rid of all unbelief and self-reasoning’s as to how it will happen. I need to put the burden of it on God as I look to Him and focus on strengthening my inner man.

As for the man standing nearby in the dream. I believe he was an angel of God. I believe God has given us angelic hosts to help us bring our harvest to fruition. I believe angels are necessary as it is supernatural event. Matthew 13:39 says; and the reapers are the angels.

I don’t believe this dream was just for me. I believe you too may have a ministry, a book, a business or a dream that you feel has been in a time of infancy way too long and it is time for it to come to maturity, to come to fruition, and to come to a time of fullness.

It’s time for you look to God to bring overnight maturity and fruition. It is time to strengthen yourself in the inner man and get rid of all doubt and unbelief. It is time to check your heart and make sure your heart has not become cold and indifferent to the things of God and the miracles of God.

If your heart has become hardened to the supernatural ways of God, it is time to do something about it.

Friends, we are in a supernatural time where our God is ready to do supernatural things – I want you to be a part of it. I want you to see your harvest, I want you to see your dreams and prayers come to fruition as much as you want to see it. It’s time to see it happen right before our eyes! Trust God for the supernatural once again. Believe God for things to mature and come to fullness, even overnight.

Remember, this thing is established, it will happen for some, will you be one of them? God is wanting to bring your new thing into a place of fullness…will you allow Him too? If you will, pray this prayer with me.