The Goodness of God Coming to You!


This year, although I haven’t heard it mentioned much – Jerry Savelle gave an awesome word for 2021 – I want to share it with you today.

The year 2020 is now over and the new year has finally come,

So, get ready for more and more rejoicing in 2021.

The things I have planned will surely bring you great joy,

Blessing after blessing, that’s what I will deploy.

Never have you witnessed such goodness,

Which you shall soon see.

I’m pouring it out in abundance so that

You will have greater victories.

Things you’ve stood in faith for, which

Seemed would never come,

They’ll manifest shortly and every battle will be won.

Keep you eyes on Me and your trust in My Word,

Regardless of what others say, you’ll not be disturbed.

A year of great favor, that’s what you’ll testify to,

For abundant overflow is surely coming to you!


I don’t know about you, but this is not what I have experienced thus far in 2021 – HOWEVER – it remains the prophetic Word of God.

For me, personally, 2021 has been beyond difficult.  However, I am learning to keep my eyes more focused on Jesus and His Word.  I am learning to go back to the basics.  To devour the Word of God consistently.  I am having to remember the power of our declaration, especially when things look bad.  I am daily going back to what I first learned about God and His Word.

God has made us promises for 2021 and I am determined to see each and every one of them come to pass for me and for you.

Blessing after Blessing Pouring out over us.

God’s Goodness being DAILY Poured out in our lives.

Greater Victories

See the Manifestation of things we have prayed for many years

Great Favor

Abundant Overflow…


We are already in April, so it is time we begin to press into this promise – remembering God NEVER lies and not one word He spoke will fail to come to pass.

So, what’s our part?

  1. To Keep Our Eyes Firmly Fixed on God
  2. Trust His Word

Will you press in with me and begin to declare this word over every single partner of A New Thing Ministries?  I and my staff will be declaring it over you and your family as well.

This month, as you sow your best seed, sow it for a manifestation of Blessings, Abundance, Overflow, God’s Goodness, Greater Victories and Long Awaited Prayers Answered….


Blessings to you,

Kim Potter