As I sought the Lord about the message for this month’s partner letter, I could not get away from one thing: the month of Sivan.

Sivan is the 3rd Jewish month on God’s calendar. It is the month we just entered into. Not knowing what God was highlighting to me, I read Kelita’s post on Sivan several times – nothing stood out at me – therefore I continued to dig. Here is what I found.

Three important things happened in the month of Sivan.

1. The WRITTEN WORD was given. (Exodus 20)

2. The HOLY SPIRIT was given. (Acts 2)

These two things are our spiritual foundation. When God gave these gifts, everything changed.

The third thing I found that happened in the month of Sivan is found in the life of Esther. Sivan is first mentioned in the book of Esther – it was at that time a decree was sent out to destroy God’s people. However, as we know, God turned the tables on Haman, and he hung on the very gallows he had set up to destroy God’s people. This is a month of turnaround – where God delivers and exalts His own.

I want to share some additional insights I found for the month of Sivan.

It is a time of receiving supernatural mercy to complete
things this month.

It is a time to receive your boundaries.

It is a time to be merciful.

It is a time to shift into proper alignment.

It is a time to connect your talk to your walk.

This is also a month of giving and it relates to three areas. Substance. Time. Revelation.

This month let’s pray concerning our giving of substance, giving of our time to God, and to His people, and giving of revelation. It is called the month of giving because it is a month God gave us the Word and the Holy Spirit.

Sivan is associated with the tribe of Zebulun. Zebulun is known for his ability in business and the marketplace. Therefore, Sivan is the “businessperson’s month.” God wants us to do some business with Him in the month of Sivan. He wants us to learn His prosperity principles.

The picture for the month of Sivan is one of a person walking – therefore it denotes a person continually progressing in God. This is a month to go to a new level in God.

I hope this has helped you learn more about the month of Sivan. It certainly did me. One last thing I found when researching Sivan was a prayer/ declaration for the month of Sivan. It is a powerful prayer and I wanted to share it with you today. As you sow your seed this month, declare this prayer over your seed AND over your month. God is doing great things, my friend, and we are right in the middle of it. Praise the Lord.

First fruit blessing prayer for Sivan

Father thank you for Sivan. I ask You to make me a good steward of the Word you have given me. Prepare my heart and mind for what you will say to me this month. Give me a desire to consecrate myself to receive the revelation that you will give to me to move forward in these dark times. May this month be the month where the enemy’s plan against my life, destiny, and the purpose backfire, in Jesus’ name! Move me from being lukewarm to being on fire for You, God, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the things that will be revealed as the Holy Spirit comes upon me this month. In this time of harvest, I commit to bringing the first fruit of whatever you are doing in my life to you. Secure my future harvest and banish the thief from every part of my life. I pray that whatever you are doing in my life that is new and in the “milk” stage will be nurtured and kept from evil. I thank you that the things that are in a mature “honey” stage will continue to blossom and bloom unencumbered. May the harvest over my life this year be plentiful so that I will have over and above to share with others. Bring me wisdom to use my time and resources You have freely given to create opportunities for wealth and abundance for me and my family. Thank you for creating ways and access points to these blessings even when I cannot see it. Anoint my eyes to see what You have hidden just for me, in Jesus’ name, Amen! (Used by permission.