A Year of Faithfulness

I was blessed to be able to spend a great deal of time with God over the past couple weeks. I have so much in me now that I want to write but I must start at the beginning.

When I first took a few days off, God was continually speaking to me about some things. He showed me that 2015 had been a year of change in our thinking and in 2016 we would see the fruit of those changes; that is exciting for me.

As I continued to seek God about positioning myself for the blessings of the coming year, He began to show me that this would be a year of blessing the faithful.

Those who have been faithful to God should expect to begin to see the fruit of that faithfulness even now. That being said, I feel I have to say a few things.

Have we been faithful? I get dozens of emails from people who need a financial miracle. When I ask them about honoring God with their tithe and offering, they often say they can’t afford to, but when they can afford to, they will. This kind of thinking keeps us in lack.

I tithed when I my tithe was a drop in a bucket but that season of faithful tithing in the hard times created in me a diligence to honor God with my finances. This year, if you haven’t been a faithful tither or giver, I want to encourage you to give God ONE YEAR and allow Him to prove Himself faithful to you. Give Him one year of faithful giving and watch what He does. If we don’t give when it is difficult, we won’t give when it is easy.

He also spoke to me about leaks we are creating…so to speak. He said there are those who tithe from their paychecks but don’t tithe from other sources of increase that comes into their life. He said when we do this, we leave a hole, a place of leaking which will allow the enemy to come in and make use of that leak and he will begin to steal our finances. I, personally, had to ask God to show me any area that I had left leaks in my finances – and He was faithful to show me and I, myself, had an ‘ouch!’ moment.

Why am I saying this? Because I want every single one of our partners to walk in the fullness of the financial blessings of God. And I want you to position yourself to do that.

One of the other areas of faithfulness He spoke to me about were the areas of being faithful to read the word. Friends, our world is looking dark, and if we are to shine and be the light the Bible tells us to be, then we are going to have to be filled daily with the word of God. It is NOT optional – it is vital to our peace, our protection and our provision. All we have need of is found in God and in His word, make sure you spend time, even if it is just a few minutes, in His word daily.

Finally, make sure you spend time worshipping and praising God – He inhabits our praise. HE dwells in a place of worship – you will remain in His presence if you will spend time worshipping Him daily.

I am excited about the year ahead. I am excited about what God says He is doing this year. My question is; are we in the position to receive. Are you in position to receive?

If you were not faithful in 2015, let it go, repent and change your ways. It’s over and a new day has dawned, purpose today to be faithful to God in 2016 – if you do, I know without a doubt, you will eat the fruit of that faithfulness.

Also, ask God to show you any areas in your life where you are leaving leaks in your finances – He will show you and you can fix those leaks and leave no place for the enemy.

Today, as you sow your first seed of the year, sow it in faithfulness to God. Determine this is the year you will be faithful in all things, in spending time with God and His word, in worshipping and praising God and in honoring Him with all the increase that comes into your hand. That is my goal for this year and I intend to eat the fruit of faithfulness, how about you?

Blessings on You!
Kim Potter