This past weekend was my daughter’s birthday. On Saturday, her favorite team was playing, the Tennessee Vols. They were playing against the Florida Gators. Now, this is a big deal every year for Breanne, the game she can’t wait to watch. Her cousin is a Gator fan and they always watch the game together – Tennessee hasn’t beat Florida for several years. However year after year, Breanne and Jenny watch this game together.

This year was no different, Breanne sent me a text while she was at Jen’s and I said ‘whose winning?’ She said ‘Florida.’ Me, I don’t watch football, but as I read her text I thought ‘God it would be so great if they could win this year, what a birthday present that would be.’

An hour later my phone began going off with text after text from different family members. The texts said ‘PRAY! TENNESSEE IS WINNING….PRAY!’ I laughed out loud as I read them and I began to pray and ask God to help Tennessee hold Florida from scoring any more. Sorry Florida fans…don’t mean to offend.

I asked Bre how much time was left, she replied 11 minutes. I said ‘oh, they got this then.’ To which she replied ‘they were ahead last year with less time and Florida came back and beat them at the last couple minutes.’

I read this text and saw that she was moved by what had happened last year. I sent another text and said ‘last year matters not, all things are possible if you can only believe.’ From that moment on, the text became more regular. They said ‘9 minutes left, 7 minutes, oh Florida has the ball, they scored, PRAY, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 seconds…’

It was a tense hour to say the least, however, what stuck in my mind was the fact that most of the people I was receiving texts from were concerned about today’s outcome because of what had happened in years past. I can understand that, as I have said before, a disappointment will change the way we view things. And unrelenting disappointment makes the heart sick, sometimes so sick that it is unable to believe again.

We all know the story of Lot’s wife, how she looked back and was turned to stone, unable to press forward any longer, this is often what happens when we keep looking back. We become stuck and unable to press forward.

Philippians 3:13-14 says; ‘but ONE THING I DO, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.’

Friends, you can’t look back at what didn’t happen last time or the results of what happened before, you must forget those things and press forward. You can’t look back to the last time you prayed for someone and they didn’t get healed. You can’t look back to the last time you gave and it thought it didn’t work. You can’t look back, you must press forward.

You can’t measure what will happen today by what happened yesterday. You have to believe and trust like you have never been disappointed.

Think of Peter, he had fished and toiled all night, he was exhausted, yet at the word of the Lord he cast his net one more time. He believed one more time even though he had experienced nothing but defeat. We must do the same.

Today is the day to release past disappointments, past failures, past losses…once and for all and press forward to the NEW THING GOD has for you. It’s time for that season of loss to end and your season of victory to begin. That is what I am praying for you today!

Oh and by the way, the Tennessee Vols won, their losing streak was broken and my daughter could not wipe the smile off her face, she said she had to sit on her hands to keep from clapping…to that I said ‘clap! the losing streak has been broken!’