I was sitting at my desk, catching up on correspondence from our partners.  I came across a letter from one of our partners, concerning Zechariah 8:12.  She shared with me how the Lord had led her to this scripture when she prayed over her offering.  She said it was an answer to prayer and oh, what a wonderful answer it was.

Zechariah 8:12 says, “For the seed shall be prosperous, the vine shall give its fruit, the ground shall give her increase, and the heavens shall give their dew—I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these.”

The word seed is defined as sowing time.

The word prosperous is defined as welfare, health, prosperity, peace, wholeness and well-being.

The word give is defined as to pour out, and without fail.

The word increase is defined as wealthy, fruitful and increasing.

The word remnant is defined as, those who remain, those who are at rest.

And finally, the word possess is defined as, to inherit and to possess in our hand.

In other words, our sowing time, our seed, will produce welfare, health, prosperity, peace, wholeness, and well-being.  This will be our harvest.  It will, and it will continue producing until we are walking in an abundant, fruitful life.  That is, if we are one of those who remain in faith, resting in the promises of God.  If we are one of those…we will inherit this promise…without fail.

Oh, my word!  This is enough to shout about, don’t you think?!

We must stop seeing our seed as simply money we give to a project or a church.  We must begin to see it as a powerful prospering seed.  One that will produce, not only increase in finances, but in all God said it would.  Health, peace, wholeness, well-being and prosperity.

Listen, if you have all the money in the world and your body is broken down or diseased, you are not whole.  God knows it takes prosperity in spirit, soul, body, and finances to make us whole.  Therefore, in His promise concerning our seed, it covers everything we need to be whole in every area.

Peace…shalom…meaning nothing broken and nothing missing.  Our seed, planted in good ground, has the power to produce SHALOM…nothing broken or missing in our life. Isn’t that good!  Of course, it is!

Now, let’s read this same scripture in the Amplified version of the Bible.

For there the seed will produce peace and prosperity; the vine will yield its fruit, and the ground will produce its increase, and the heavens will give their dew. And I will cause the remnant of this people to inherit and possess all these things.  Zechariah 8:12

From now on, as you sow your seed, declare over it… “today, seed, you are blessed!  You are producing peace and everything that comes with it in my life AND you are producing prosperity, in Jesus’ name.”

The Bible say we shall declare a thing and it shall be established.  Declare this Word of God over every seed you sow…and watch it increase and grow until you see the fulfillment of this scripture.  Lay hold of peace and prosperity.


Appoint My Days

Father, Your Word says if I am willing and obedient, I will eat the best of the land.  I declare today that I AM willing, and I AM obedient, therefore I WILL eat the best of the land.  Thank You Lord for Your provision!

Is. 1:19