( For those of you who are not familiar with Pearls…these are timely words from God that I feel I need to get out quickly)

This morning I had purposed in my heart to remain at home and spend time in the presence of God. However, around 10 am, the Lord spoke to me to get dressed and get to the office.

The excitement in my spirit accelerated as I drove toward my office.

You see, I have been feeling something coming in the Spirit for days. And I keep looking toward December 24th. Even weeks ago God had me planning for December 24th, in ways that were not normal for me.

For instance, I have never observed Hanukkah before, not really. However, this year I bought some items to help me celebrate Hanukkah, as I felt that was what the Lord was telling me to do. Consequently, I have been very excited about the start of Hanukkah and I believe God is showing me why.

Today, I was again sensing that time of accelerated celebrating was fast approaching and it would begin on December 24th.

I have prayed about it and talked to God about it and I truly felt it has nothing to do with my family or with celebrating Christmas, I felt it was something deeper. It is something deep in my Spirit…a converging is what I feel. That was the word the Lord keeps speaking to my spirit, a converging.

As I arrived at my office, I opened my email to find an email that, oddly enough, did not come through to me at home. This email was from one of our partners and it was words that had been given recently at Chuck Pierce’s Ministry. One in particular jumped in my spirit. I must share it with you today:

“On December 24th, we see that there’s going to be a convergence and the Lord is ‘resetting time’, shifting & overcoming the law over the feasts. It’s going to be different because He’s going to reside over that. The Glory of the Lord is going to be seen through it because there’s an ‘ingathering’: He’s gathering His People for His coming Glory. His Glory.

“What I see in that is man’s timing and God’s Timing aligning. What I see is the Light coming in so strongly that our hearts are so overcome with His Presence that we can have nothing to do but walk in what He wants us to do.”
Now, back to what God is showing me and speaking to me today. Here is what He is saying; on December 24th there will be a shift take place and this shift will cause portals to open.

In The Prophets Dictionary by Paula Price it says; ‘portals are defined as an egress for traversing back and forth, and for transporting products sent between two locations. Spiritually this would be between two worlds. Supernatural egresses transport and deliver creations invisible products to the earth to be physically clothed and used by humanity. The use of the word egress establishes the exportation as two fold. The prayers of the earth are gathered and taken to heaven where they are exchanged for the blessings that answer those prayers.’

Why Christmas Eve? I don’t know. I do know that this year Hanukkah and Christmas coincide, which doesn’t often happen.

I also know, in my spirit I am feeling this convergence, this coinciding of Spirit and natural take place. It is getting stronger and stronger in my spirit with each passing day. I imagine it will continue to become stronger until the 24th when the shift takes place, and when the portals open.

I have tried this week to get across to our readers how vital it is to listen for the voice of God and hear His voice and do what He says in these hours, this simply reaffirms it for me.

God is speaking today and I had to share what He is saying….A shift will take place on the 24th, a converging and portals will open…be ready.

Blessings to you!
Kim Potter

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