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After the Pearl I sent out yesterday, one of our wonderful partners sent me this motivation I had written in August of this year….in August God was already talking to me about Christmas Eve – while I believe this writing is good as is, I NOW see that God was also speaking to me about a specific time – THIS TIME we are in now….be encouraged as you read this motivation from August of this year~ Kim

For the past few weeks, God has been giving me dreams with holidays in my dream, yet He isn’t referring to the holiday itself but the season it embraces.

I shared with you a couple weeks ago the dream about thanksgiving. God was not talking about the holiday of Thanksgiving that we celebrate in November each year, He was referring to a time of giving thanks for all the wonderful things He has done in our life.

A few nights ago God gave me yet, another dream. This dream was about the season of Christmas. God has given me dreams about Christmas before, usually before an event in my life. Many times in the dreams I have had about Christmas, I am not ready for it, I am out shopping at the last moment and hurrying to get ready. Not so in this latest dream.

I was fully prepared for the celebration, everything was purchased, wrapped and under the tree. However, at the last moment my Mom had asked me to run to Walmart and pick something up for her. To which I replied ‘Mom, it will be crazy out there, it is Christmas Eve!’

That word EVE was magnified in my dream. It was magnified in a picture form and the words seem to vibrate and repeat over and over again like they do when you yell into a canyon. I knew immediately that God was showing me the place we are in this present time. We are in the EVE of something wonderful. We are in the EVE of a great celebration! We are in the EVE of a time of great thanksgiving for all the things God has done and will manifest in our lives.

The following day as I thought about this dream, I felt strongly in my spirit that God did not mean this day, eve, the day before something. Therefore I decided to do a little word search on the word ‘eve’.

The word eve means the day before Christmas, of course. But it also means the period of time just before an important event or happening.

This is what I felt the Lord was telling and showing me. The time period we are in right now is the period of time just before an important event or happening. We are literally in the EVE of something wonderful. That doesn’t necessarily mean the day before, but the period of time before.

There was a period of time before God delivered the children of Israel from Pharaohs rule. There was a period of time before Abraham saw Isaac, the son of promise. There was a period before David became king. There is always a period before…there is always an ‘eve’ just before every great event or happening.

If you take a moment and look at the eve of the children of Israel being delivered, you will see things appeared to get worse before it got better.

If you look at the time, the eve, before Isaac was born, you will see there was much confusion and even a different son born when Abraham and Sarah tried to MAKE it happen all by themselves.

If you look at the time before David became king, you will see him running for his life.

Yet in all of these instances, what God said would happen, certainly did happened just as He said it would. So shall it be in this time. God had repeatedly said we are in a time of great breakthrough. He has said we are in a time of revival. He has said things are coming that are going to be so great we will have a hard time believing them. And He is saying we are in the eve of those events, the period of time just before they happen. Praise the Lord God Almighty!

John 16:13 says; ‘However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.’

The word of God says ‘He will tell us things to come.’ I love how the Basic English version says it. It says He will make clear to you things to come. I believe God is making things clear to us, don’t you?

So, we are in the eve of a time of celebration, what do we do? Simply make sure you are ready. Make sure you are prepared. I am talking about your heart. Make sure your heart is ready to receive all God has for you. Increase your capacity to receive, if need be. Spend time with God. Pray in the Spirit. Worship God. Prepare your heart to receive. He is a good God and He will do all He has said He will do, just as He did for the children of Israel, just as He did for Abraham, just as He did for David…so shall He do for you. He shall bring to pass every word He has spoken to you, every promise He has made you…He will bring it to pass…you are in the EVE of that time…believe it and receive it. To God be All the Glory!

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