I realize I posted this yesterday, however, the post was concerning TODAY – and so good and timely – here it is again

Good Morning! And what a morning it is…I had something happen this morning that has never happened to me…

I was talking on the phone and my cell phone dinged letting me know I had an alert – I had NEVER heard this particular sound before therefore I glanced over at my phone – it said ‘ALERT, NISSAN BEGINS TOMORROW!’

I have not set an alert on my phone therefore it caught my attention.

Nissan is the first month of the Jewish calendar and it begins tomorrow at sunset. As I walked into my office pondering this, the Lord said ‘what does Chuck Pierce’s book say about Nissan?’ I went to my bookcase, located the book and opened it…as I began to read I became excited! I have to share some of it with you today. His book is called A Time to Advance and you can order it online at Amazon or better, from his website.

Nissan represents:

Repentance, Redemption and the Beginning of Miracles!

This is a month for you to watch your speech.
A time to put your best foot forward.

It is a time when seeds reach their full size.

It is the month for offerings to be waved before the Lord.

A month to cross over into a new season.

The month of Passover, the month of beginning of miracles, the month that sets your course for the future.

Nissan is associated with praise – it is a month to praise.

A month of God’s glory.

It is a controller month, a controller in a business is the chief accounting officer who has authority to guide economic activities and performance.

A month to learn to fish, if you don’t have money to pay taxes, learn to fish, as God to show you.

Now is the time to set things right for the coming season.

I must say, as I read this today I was astounded at how it coincided with todays motivation and all I have been feeling from the Lord this week. God is certainly lining things up.

Friends, I have to say again, listen to God, hear him and obey him, come as he calls – he is surely calling.
One thing that jumped out at me was the fact that we are to wave our offerings before the Lord this month DECLARING…that the fullness of our harvest is being secured and every seed we sow is producing harvest in a new way.

I remember, years ago, a church I attended for a season would bring in wheat sheaves and wave them before the Lord on this day – I did not know the revelation in that then but even not knowing, I could sense the power in it.

This month, as you sow, wave your offering before the Lord (before you sow it) and declare ….the fullness of my harvest is secured and every seed I sow is producing harvest in a new way. I know that is what I am going to do today.

I also find it interesting that today is the first day of Spring AND today is the day of the solar eclipse colliding with the supermoon. I don’t think any of this is coincidence – I think and believe everything is lining up in preparation for the new season we are NOW today walking into – I hope you are ready for this.

Last night, just before I went to sleep the Lord said to me ‘are you ready for this?’ I did not know what he meant when he asked but I certainly do now. Be ready. Be listening and be alert – it is not coming – it is HERE now.

Many Blessings on You This Day!
Kim Potter

Nissan begins at sunset