Miss Carol’s Super Heroes Capes
‘God doesn’t see hearts like this often’, these are words spoken to me in prophecy over 25 years ago by Pastor Dave Roberson. Those words have been precious to me over the years and they are the very words that came to mind when I met Carol Morgan and became acquainted with her ministry. Let me share her story with you.

Carol has been a reader of our daily devotions for many years, I recognized the name but I didn’t know Carol personally, until last year. Carol is a retired registered nurse; that was her profession. However, her heart is to serve God and to minister to his people. I know she has been able to do just that in her daily work, but still her heart longed for more, to do more, to minister His love more.

I came to know Carol when she contacted our ministry for prayer for her granddaughter, Abigayle. This little precious girl had been admitted to the hospital for tests for a serious condition. We began to pray for little Abigayle. Abigayle came through surgery wonderfully, and we rejoiced with Carol. Then Carol sent me a photo of little Abigayle in her hospital bed. She had a cape over her, it caught my attention and I inquired about the cape.

Carol shared her story with me, she told me how she began by making super hero capes for her grandchildren. She wanted them to understand that there is a super hero inside of them and she wanted them to celebrate the greatness within them. Additionally she made them for friends of her grandchildren and other children as well. She personalized each one with the child’s initials and they all loved them!

Every child loves super hero capes, I know my grandchildren do. And why not? A super hero by definition is larger than life, they are powerful and courageous. They can triumph through insurmountable circumstances. They are, in the eyes of a child, invincible.

On the other hand, when a child is sick or facing a disease, they feel helpless and afraid. I can think of no better time for them to have something to hold onto, something that reminds them there is a super hero inside of each of them. I can think of no better time for that super hero inside of them to be unleashed, can you? That’s what Carol does through her ministry of super hero capes for children battling sickness and disease.

You see, recently, she has begun making super hero capes for children in the hospital who are ill or have had surgery, those children who are afraid and feeling helpless will be reminded that there is great courage and power within them. As they come out of surgery, that little super hero cape is waiting for them. It takes their mind off the illness, the fear, and the pain and reminds them of the triumphant spirit that lives within them.

In my humble opinion, it is an awesome reminder to each of us that every child who faces sickness and disease is, after all, a super hero.

Carol’s desire is to make super hero capes to give to as many children as possible, either as they come out of surgery or as they deal with sickness and disease. Her desire is to minister to these children by giving them something tangible to hold onto that will remind them of the greatness within them. And to remind them that someone loves them and is praying for them. For you see, each super hero cape is prayed over several times before it arrives at the hospital to be given away.

This year, Carol became a vital part of our prayer ministry – she has already been a blessing to many of our partners. And she has been a tremendous blessing to this ministry.

Today, I am blessed to know this woman, to know this kind of heart, one that reminds children that a super hero lives inside of them and with the help of Jesus, who loves them, they can win this battle. Remember, this isn’t just a super hero cape, it is an anointed and soaked in prayer, super hero cape. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

So, how can we help someone with a heart like this? We can sponsor a cape or several capes to be given to children who are sick or battling a disease. Or if you know a child who is facing illness, contact Carol, she will make them a personalized cape, anoint it, prayer over it and get it to them….

This I know personally; the capes come with the anointing on them. I know this because she sent one to each of my grandkids and I felt the tangible anointing when I opened the package. These capes are precious to Bryson and Brailee and bring them comfort when they are feeling sick.

Imagine the peace a child facing illness will feel as they are wrapped in the anointing of God, as they are wrapped in prayers of healing.

Today, check out Carol’s new website and pray about sowing into this heart touching ministry.

Website: https://misscarolssuperheroescapes.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/misscarolssuperherocapes/about/

I believe the cost of creating a cape and getting it to a child is around $25…today, prayerfully consider sponsoring a Super Hero Cape for a sick child. You may never know the lives you touch through this ministry…to GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!