girl in sunset prayer
In order to walk and be clothed in the blessing of God we must have clean hands and a pure heart. To be clean means free from pollution, genuine, clear. Purification always involves water – but before the cleansing with water, the person must desire to be clean from all defilement. The Bible tells us in Isaiah 1:15, if we come before God with unclean hands he will not hear our prayers.

According to the word of God a person is only considered clean when he maintains a pattern of personal cleanliness plus cleanliness of the environment around him. This must be applied to the mind, attitudes and behavior of a person. Impure thoughts need to be stopped while they are still thoughts.

Jesus always stressed the heart and keeping it clean. He also spoke of the motivations of the heart rather than just the act itself – so cleanliness must begin in the heart. Isaiah 1:16 tells us to wash ourselves, make ourselves clean. Cease to do evil, learn to do what is good, seek justice and we will eat the good of the land.