In my prayer time earlier this week, I had a sense of something. I cannot say it was a spoken word from God. It was more of an impression.

As I prayed, I knew in the coming days, we would need to walk in more power from God. We would have to know our authority and walk in the manifested power of it.

Suddenly a scripture came before me.

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

To avail means; to be strong, to be strong in body, to be in sound health, to have power as shown by extraordinary deeds, to be a force.

As for me, I desire to be a force in the Kingdom of God. I want to see the extraordinary acts of God. I cannot be that force without walking in the dunamis power of God.

Our prayer life makes that power available to us.

The word dunamis is defined in the Strong’s Concordance as; miraculous power, might, strength, force, might, ability, powerful deeds, deeds showing physical power, and marvelous works.

How much of the power of God is visible in your life today? Could it be that it is directly related to the time you spend in prayer? I believe so.
In response to this early morning impression from the Lord and the scripture to back it up, I made some changes.

I began to spend more time in prayer. I became more intentional in my prayer life. More targeted, more focused. Almost immediately I sensed the Lord was pleased with the changes. To begin with, it has made my life much more peace-filled, even in the midst of all that is going on around us. It didn’t stop there.

I think most of us would say we desire to walk in the peace of God. I also believe many would say they want to experience the power of God. In their life and in the life of their loved ones. I also believe it is vital in the days we are living in.

More prayer equals more peace.

I love the way the Amplified Bible interprets the scripture in James 5:16.

The earnest, heartfelt, continued, prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working.

Heartfelt prayer. Continued prayer. These types of a prayer life make dynamic power available. Power that works to accomplish things.

This is not talking about going to God with a list of needs, spouting them out to Him and then going about your day. No.

This is talking about a heartfelt prayer, desiring to know the heart of God. Wanting to know His plan and praying into that.

It is also referring to continued prayer. Not a five-minute prayer once a week. This is a constant prayer life. A daily prayer life. The fruit of this type of prayer life is power. Tremendous power…dynamic in its working.

I encourage you today to examine your life. Is the power of God present in your life? If so, wonderful! If not, you can change it. You can begin to spend more time in prayer. Heartfelt, consistent prayer. In doing so, you will begin to experience a power-filled life.

Meditate on this:
Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

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