As the Lord has been talking to me about the season we are in, I have made some life changes. I have made sure that I always, wherever I may be, have scriptures for confession in my hand. Every moment I have free, I am quoting scriptures and enlarging my capacity to receive.

One night I was cooking dinner. I realized I had about 10 minutes before I needed to do anything else. I saw my little set of index cards lying nearby that are filled with scriptures. I picked them up and began to confess the word of God. As I began to confess God’s word, God opened my eyes and showed me a vision. In the vision as I was quoting the word of God, bricks were being laid. The more I quoted the word the quicker the bricklaying was going. Brick after brick went up…it was building a wall very quickly. I could see angelic hosts frantically laying bricks and mortar, creating something wonderful right before my eyes.

I knew God was showing me that we are in an accelerated time, as we quote the word of God, declare His promises and confess His word, we are indeed building something and it is coming together quicker than we can imagine. Things have sped up and the more time we spend in the word and in prayer, the quicker things are coming to fruition in our lives. I saw this truth in this vision.

A couple days later I was spending time with God, praying in the Spirit. Praying in tongues. I prayed in tongues for about 30 minutes and could literally feel my faith increasing. I then read the word for an hour and then prayed in tongues again, again, I felt my faith arise.

The next day I did things a little different, I felt led to pray in tongues for an hour. I must say when I prayed in tongues for an hour I hit something different in the Spirit. When I prayed for thirty minutes it caused my faith to arise, however, when I prayed in tongues for over an hour, I seem to hit the very heartbeat of God. My language changed from simply praying in the spirit to praying with dynamic authority.

Jude 1:20 says; But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit. This was exactly what I experienced when I prayed in tongues for thirty minutes – however, when I continued to pray longer, I touched something different. I laid hold of the power of the Holy Spirit in my prayer and I could literally feel Him praying through me – it was dynamic!

Friends, I have been talking to you about increasing your capacity to receive and this is two of the ways you can accomplish that, by confessing the word of God every time you get a chance and praying in tongues as often as you can – there is power in the word of God and there is power in praying in the spirit!
I feel like there is power available to us right now that is within reach and it is dynamic in its working. Dynamic is the word that leaps in my spirit every time I think about it. Dynamic is defined as; a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process. Don’t you love that! The acceleration that is taking place in the spirit through the word and prayer is a FORCE that stimulates change and progress! That is what I feel and see happening when I confess the word and pray in tongues. What an awesome time we are in.

Friends, don’t miss this time – tell God you are all in and jump in the deep end – it’s really great here – dynamic actually.

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