No, it isn’t a typo!  I meant to write ‘pray yourself first.’  This morning I found myself thinking and talking to God about some financial areas.  As I did, I felt he dropped this statement in my heart.  As I heard it I began to ponder my prayer life.

My prayer life mainly consists of the following; my daughter and her children and family, my Mom and sisters and their families, friends, the ministry, our partners and their families.  After thinking about this I realized that I pray about the ministry finances but don’t often pray about my own.  I will sow seeds toward needs or save money but I don’t often ask God for money for myself, even if I have a need – at least not until after I have prayed about everything and everybody else, or attempted to make it happen all by myself.  I give to others to help with their finances or bills, but I don’t stop and call forth my harvest on those particular seeds.

Today I wanted to ask you to take a moment and look at your prayer life – what is your main focus – what are you pressing toward?  I would imagine if you are a parent, your children may be your focus or your job or ministry.  How often do you focus on yourself?  I am not talking about being selfish.  Quite the contrary, I believe it is vital we cover everyone around us in prayer, however, I also see the importance of praying for ourselves as well.  I believe that taking care of ourselves spiritually IS taking care of others.  Praying over ourselves daily IS taking care of others by keeping us at our best.

Remember I was talking to God about some financial issues when I heard the statement ‘pray yourself first’, I recognized it because of the financial advice I had read years ago.  That recommendation is to ‘pay yourself first.’  I know you have all heard that statement concerning finances.  To pay yourself first means simply this: Before you pay your bills, before you buy groceries, before you do anything else, set aside a portion of your income to save.

It is said that when you pay yourself first you accomplish three things; establish a priority, encourages sound financial habits, creates a buffer against the world.

I say, when you pray yourself first, you also can accomplish three things; you establish your walk, your life with God and his word as priority in your life.  Secondly, you create sound, biblical and spiritual habits.  And finally, you too, create a buffer against the world and whatever it may bring.

Friends, when you spend time daily with God, when you pray over your personal life with God, your personal finances, your personal health, you are building something.  His word concerning you becomes the priority in your life – therefore when you hear or feel something that is opposite, your strong stand of faith will be ready to combat and win the battle. 

You also create habits of putting God first in YOUR PERSONAL life; that is a habit that will pay dividends you can’t even imagine. 

And you are creating a strong wall around you of God’s word that will empower you to stand against anything this world can bring against you – you are creating a fortified wall about yourself.  That’s great news!

I hope you see the heart of this message – I am not saying we need to be selfish or self-centered.  I am simply saying, in your time with God, include yourself, don’t leave yourself out, pray yourself first, by doing that, you are taking care of those around you.

I am a Mom and a Nana, I know if I take care of myself I can continue to give my family more of myself.  And as a daughter, the one thing I want most from my Mom is for her to stay around a long time – to do that she must take care of herself, physically, mentally and spiritually – it is truly the best gift she can give us. 

Today….pray yourself first…you won’t regret it!