blue sky flowers

I received my prayer cloth last Saturday and I put in a place that would stay in contact with my back….

The pain was very bad plus the numbness would run down my left hip, leg and to my foot! I would have to quickly find a place to sit or stand against something to just put pressure on my lower back to get relief.

Nothing seemed to happen the first couple of days but I would just give Thanks to God that I was Healed… On Thursday I thought that I was getting around easier and the pain was less.

Then the numbness tried to come back again and I said NO I’m Healed in Jesus’ Name and the Prayers of the saints are with me… It eased up and left… I mowed grass for hours and removed steel fence posted and again noticed no pain in moving and lifting…

Kim I’m Healed and it has been a Progressive healing!!

I’m Praising God for so much… I’m laying it (prayer cloth) right now on my check book to a miracle in our Finances… From barely getting by to able to fully bless others with plenty!!!!

Thank you for doing this!

C. H.