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Father, today, we as a body, ask You to BLESS our country, BLESS our land, empower it to prosper. We ask You to forgive us for the sins of this country, our leaders, our people and grant us mercy. Father, look upon Your body who is crying out to You today and remember that You said if we humble ourselves and pray and seek Your face that You would heal our land. Today, we humble ourselves and pray. We seek Your face and We ask You to heal our land. Father, we ask You to help us to put men and women of integrity and truth in the offices of this country. Help us God to make wise decisions concerning what we can do for our country. Help us God to not sit quietly by while the enemy attempts to gain control of this nation – we are and always will be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. May God be glorified in our country, today and always! In Jesus name, Amen.

Father, we ask You to bless those families who have fought for our freedom. We ask You to comfort those who mourn and to fill that void in their heart. Father, we ask You to watch over our men and women in military today and always, we plead the blood of Jesus over each one of them and assign angels to keep them safe, in Jesus name. May they gain ultimate victory in every battle, this we ask in Jesus name. Amen.