1 Samuel 3:1 says; and the child Samuel ministered unto the LORD before Eli. And the word of the LORD was precious in those days; there was no open vision.

I shared this scripture with you today to enlighten you to what I want to talk about today.

If you look throughout the Bible you will find there were seasons when God’s people would stray from him, would not listen to him or obey his commandments. During those times we often see there would be a span of years when the voice of God was not heard. There would be a time when God did not speak to his people. At times that span of time would be hundreds of years. I simply cannot imagine that. However, it happened. And it happened because they did not listen to God or obey his word. What God spoke literally meant nothing to them.

I have seen this very thing happen to people in the days we are living in. They will go through a season where God speaks to them in incredible ways, he may give them dreams or visions or speak openly to them throughout the night and these times are precious to them…at first. But as time passes, these times begin to become less precious and things going on around them demand their attention and get it. As these times with the Lord become less precious, they also become less often, until God stops speaking in the same manner he was before.

In my own personal experience, God often speaks to me through dreams. I go through seasons where I am jotting down dreams in my dream journal and meditating on those dreams to see exactly what God is saying to me. However, if I go through a season where I am super busy and don’t take the time to jot them down or meditate on them, I notice that I have a season where God doesn’t give me dreams. Why? Because they are no longer precious to me.

To be precious, something must be valued above other things. When something loses its precious status it simply means other things have become more important.

This one thing I know, our God is a jealous God and if we stop listening to him, stop responding to him, stop obeying him, stop finding his presence in our life precious…then he will move on to someone who finds his presence and words precious in their life.

It is just like anyone else, if you talk to someone you love over and over again and they will not listen or respond, eventually you will stop trying.

For many when they first become born again they LOVE to read their bible, LOVE to pray and spend time with God however few hold that same passion after many years. For some it becomes something they ‘have’ to do. It becomes routine and no longer a passion. It is no longer precious to them.

Today, I ask you, is the word of God precious to you? Do you value his word in your life as you once did? Do you listen closely for his voice and respond in obedience? Do you put off what he is telling you to do for another day? Do you ignore him compelling you to come away with him and spend time with him? Are you more concerned about your breakthrough than his presence? Where is your heart today?

Acts 2:17 tells us that there will come a time when God is speaking to his people, giving them dreams and visions, let’s look at the scripture: In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

I believe we are in those days, but God is speaking and manifesting himself to those who find his presence and his words precious…are you one of those? I pray you are.