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Prepare in the wilderness the way of the Lord, clear away the obstacles.

Is. 40:3 Amplified
There is a word that has been jumping in my spirit all week, prepare. It reminds me of when TD Jakes used to say ‘get ready, get ready, get ready!’ That is how I feel in my spirit today.

Even before Jesus came to earth, the Mark 1:2 says a messenger went before Him and prepared the way. In Webster’s Dictionary, a messenger is defined as one who bears a message or an errand; the bearer of a verbal or written communication, notice or invitation from one person to another, or to a public body; one who conveys dispatches from one prince or court to another.

It is just as I always say; you have to proclaim it already done. John the Baptist was in the wilderness proclaiming things about Jesus as if He were already there even before He was. We have to do the same thing.

I believe, as do many ministers of the Gospel, that we are in a pivotal season and we are in the season where we will see mighty moves of God and awesome transfers of wealth just as they saw in the Old Testament. The Bible says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for us. Yet, I also believe we must prepare the way of the Lord. We must be the messenger that goes before Him and makes the way straight by proclaiming what the word of God says about our lives.

If God is saying prepare, and He is, I would recommend you seek His face about how you need to prepare for what you are praying for. If you believe God to lose weight, prepare for the weight loss by pulling your skinny clothes to the front of your closet.

If you are asking God for a mate, prepare by getting yourself ready for that mate, both physically and spiritually. If you believe God for a financial breakthrough, prepare! Do you have a savings account? If not, open one up and designate it for your harvest. If you are asking God for a business or ministry, get all your paperwork in order. Whatever you are praying and believing for, prepare for the manifestation of it, today.

If you don’t know how to prepare, ask God, He will show you.

As you are preparing, be the messenger that goes before and prepares the way. Speak and declare what you want to see happen. Say it as if it were already done. Say it constantly, give God no rest until you see it with your natural eyes. For the Bible says you will declare a thing and it shall be.

Now, let’s look at another part of our scripture on preparing the way of the Lord. It further says to remove every obstacle. Get everything that would hinder your blessing out of your path. It may be bitterness or unforgiveness, get rid of it. It may be strife, remove it from your life. It may be bad habits, choose to stop every bad habit. If you are believing for finances, be sure you have given as God has instructed, if not, it will hinder your blessing.

Obstacles block our blessings, they block our answers. But they are very easy to remedy. Just repent and remove them. Receive forgiveness and walk on. Walk on saying what God says. Walk on obeying His word in every area. And walk on as a messenger of your own destiny. Preparing the way of the Lord by declaring what God has said about your life, declaring it as if it were done.

It’s exciting to me that God says ‘prepare’ because that means something is already here. And I believe that! I believe breakthrough for many people has already happened in the spirit, and we are seeing the manifestation of it.

Whatever you are doing today, take time to prepare the way of the Lord, for He is walking toward you, and your blessing is with Him. Prepare!

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