It seems like over the past several months we hear person after person giving prophetic words concerning the world’s finances. We call it economic collapse. One person will say we will have seven years of blessings while the next will say we will have seven years of lack.

On every bookshelf you find books predicting what is going to take place in the next few years. Some of it may be right on, I am not a person who studies those types of things therefore I can’t say that I have a definite feeling on these things one way or the other – however.

However, the Bible says that God does nothing unless He first reveals it to His prophets – therefore I do listen and judge it against the word of God and the fruit of the person giving it.

That being said, over the past couple months God has given me a few dreams about what is to come, for me, I believe, they are warning dreams or dreams that would cause me to prepare for what is to come.

These dreams are about things, financially, that I normally know nothing about. Therefore I know they are insight from the Lord and I am taking heed to them and doing all I know to do concerning the dreams.

As I have been pondering on these dreams I thought about the fact that we also see famine in the Bible and God often warned His people about the famine. If He didn’t warn them before the famine hit, He always showed them what to do in the midst of the famine. Whatever God told them to do, when they did it, the prospered, even in the midst of famine.

We all know the story about the widow woman who was out of flour and was going to eat their last meal and die. But the prophet of God came along and told her to fix him her last meal. She obeyed and she did not run out of food until the famine was over. That is amazing.
We also know the story of Joseph. He was in prison when he was asked to interpret the dream given to Pharaoh. The dream spoke of seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. In the dream God showed Joseph how to prepare for the famine and not only how to prepare for it but how to prosper in the midst of it.

Through this insight Joseph and his entire family was taken care of throughout the time of famine – for them the famine did not affect them.

And then there was Isaac. It was also a time of famine in Genesis 26. Isaac was facing famine in his land and was considering moving to another place but God told him to stay put. God not only told him to remain in the land of famine but he told him to continue sowing in the land of famine – this was almost unheard of. Yes Isaac obeyed the voice of the Lord and sowed in the land of famine. The Bible says; Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year a hundredfold and the LORD blessed him. Genesis 26:12

We do not need to worry and stress over what is to come. We only need to seek the Lord and get His insight in our particular situation. If you ask Him to show you what to do, He will. Jeremiah 33:3 says Call upon Me and I will show you great and mighty things you know not. Again in Matthew 7, the word of God tells us that if we ask God for answers, He will give them to us and not withhold them. Ask.

Take note that two out of three of these instances I shared with you talked about sowing seeds or giving. To stop giving is not the best thing to do in famine. When we give and continue to give, we give God something to work with. God will take care of the givers in times of famine, I know He does, I have seen it in my own life.

In this season, especially, I am sowing extra, if God says famine is coming, I am going to be like Isaac and sow in famine and EXPECT to receive like Isaac, a hundred fold in the same year and I expect to walk in the blessing of the Lord in plenty and in famine, how about you?

Remember the blessings of God have nothing to do with the world’s system; you are the one that determines the amount of blessing you will walk in, not the economy. I determine my destiny and I determine it is filled to overflow with the blessings of God…how about you?

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