In yesterday’s writing I shared about Brailee’s riding lessons of late. I want to dig a little deeper into what I believe the Lord is showing me through this life experience.

As I mentioned previously, in Brailee’s first lesson there was such a love, an awe on her face that everyone present was able to clearly see her connection with this horse. The trainers involved saw the passion she had for riding and the fire within her for horses. Out of what they saw they believed she could be molded and trained to be an award winning little girl if they could get her ready for the horse shows. They truly believed she would be great at it, their confidence in that fact came from what they witnessed in her. Frankly she may be or may have been, I don’t know, she is only four years old.

However, from Brailee’s point of view it was different. In the beginning the trainer asked her if she was ready to ride – I loved her answer. Brailee responded ‘Yes, open the gate and let me go!’

Of course they couldn’t do that, it would not be safe for a four year old who had never ridden before. They had to teach her the principles of riding and safety. I fully understand that.

I began to think about those new born-again Christians who are so on fire for God that it burns within. If you see those same Christians a few years later that fire has often gone out. Why is that? We are serving a living God, our fire should never burn out, it should grow stronger and stronger day by day. I don’t see much of that fire in the church today. I want to see more of it, don’t you?

We who have walked with God for many years need to learn to teach the principles without diminishing the passion. We must learn to stoke the fire within while teaching others the principles of the Kingdom of God. We must be careful to never put out a fire of passion for God with rules and principles.

Principles are necessary, there is no doubt about that. However, if we focus on the principles we may lose the passion but if we focus on the passion and keep teaching, principles will come.

I have seen many on-fire Christians want to go out and light a fire under everyone they meet only to have leadership say ‘hold on, you must learn the protocol and principles first.’ I came from a ministry who diligently taught protocol and principles and who did everything decently and in order, I don’t disagree with that. I do disagree with pouring water on the passionate fire of a new born again in the process. We need to do all we can possible do to keep that fire burning.

How do we do that? We continue teaching the principles while keeping the focus on the awesomeness of God. We instruct, while also allowing them to enjoy the ride. And most of all…we, ourselves, must be a person of passion. If your fire has gone out or is barely flickering, it is time to relight the fire of God in you. Read His word, spend time in His presence, ask the Holy Spirit to light the fire in you again, and allow it to burn brightly.

I heard a news brief this morning on the fires that are burning out of control right now. The newsman said ‘they have been fighting these fires for weeks and it is still only 30% contained.’ That jumped in my spirit. I would love to hear the enemy declare ‘we have been fighting this fire among Christians for years and we only have 1% contained.’ For you see, as your fire burns out, you have become contained in certain areas and in God there are no limits, He is limitless and you should be too.

Today, I implore you to allow your fire to burn brightly, refuse to be contained another day. Take all that belongs to you in the Kingdom of God and run with it, run…lighting fires all along the way, stoke the passion in others until we have an uncontrollable fire across this world. May this be our prayer today.