I want to share a story with you from several years ago.  I may have shared it in the past, if so, perhaps you need a gentle reminder…I know I did.

Bryson, who is now 13, was 2 at the time.  I had told my daughter I would babysit him one day.  Early that morning my daughter called and said he had been sick all night and I may not want to watch him.  I told her it was fine, to bring him on over.  And she did.

He was sick, so sick that he would lie in the floor and hold his little head and cry.  There was no soothing him.  We tried to give him medicine, he couldn’t keep it down.  He couldn’t eat.  I tried comforting him, but he didn’t want that either.

After hours of this, I was standing at the kitchen sink and the Lord spoke to me.  He sternly told me to deal with what was attacking his little body.  So, I walked over to him and laid my hands on him and prayed for him.  In seconds, he put his head down and began to cry, then he reached for me.  I picked him up and comforted him.  Then, I cooked him something to eat.  He ate and ate.  He was himself again.  Happy, laughing, playing hide and seek.  After a while, I walked back to the sink and God spoke to me again.

He said; “stop tolerating the little things from the enemy – what you tolerate, I tolerate.”

I realized something that day.  If Bryson had been suffering from a major illness, I would have immediately prayed and sought God and told that thing to take its hands off him.  But since it was just a cold, or stomach flu, I allowed it, I tolerated it.  Why?  Because it is normal, it happens to everyone.  Right?  Wrong!

The Bible says, “by the stripes of Jesus we were healed, already healed.”  The Bible says, “no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”  The Bible says, “we are redeemed from the curse and sickness of all kinds is a curse.”  It also says I have authority over all the power of the enemy and that I shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.  They shall recover!

Why would we tolerate anything, small or large, that the enemy brings to us?  We should not tolerate anything from him.  He has no legal right to bring sickness on Bryson and I know my authority, so why would I allow that little boy to be sick instead of taking care of it from the beginning?  Simply because we often have the mindset that some things are okay, some things are normal.

We resist cancer but receive the flu.  Why?  We resist disease but receive weariness.  Again, why?   Would it be okay for the enemy to steal your entire life savings?  No?  Well, how about if he only stole $20?  Is that okay?  No, absolutely not!

We won’t allow him to steal our husband or wife, but we often allow him to bring a little division in our home.  The Bible says that it is the small foxes that spoil or corrupt the vine.  It is the small things that lead to bigger things.  If you ask people why they divorced, it is not usually over one big thing but a lot of little things.

If a business fails, it is not usually over one big thing but a bunch of small things.  Division in a home doesn’t happen overnight – it is an accumulation of small things over time.  For this reason, we must stop him with every little thing.  If we don’t, they will become big things.

Ask God to show you what small things you have been tolerating from the enemy and then stop him in his tracks.  It may be a cold, or a headache, or missing a day’s work.

Have you ever heard the statement, if you give him an inch, he will take a mile?  That is how it is with satan, give him a little room and he will invade your entire life.  The Bible says give him NO place.

Matthew 16:19 says whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven.  Do you know that scripture means whatever we allow on earth, God allows?  The good news is whatever we refuse to tolerate, God will not tolerate.  Stop tolerating the small attacks.  Stop allowing the enemy to get a foothold by bringing a small fox to spoil your vine – put your guard up and tell declare…NOT HERE DEVIL.

God reminded me of something today.  I am good at going after the enemy when it is a large attack, but sometimes I overlook the small ones.  No more. I will stop the enemy at every attack, large or small.  He will in no way spoil my vine.  I hope you come to the same decision today.  Remember, what you tolerate – God tolerates.  What you allow – God allows.  It’s time to push back.


Meditate on this:

Through You, we will push back our adversaries, through Your name we will trample down those who rise up against us.  Psalm 44:5

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