From the emails I have been receiving lately, I would think some of our people are under great challenge and pressure. For days, I too, have had days of great pressure. And it has felt like something was hindering my way or holding me back.

After a particularly exhausting day, I lay down on my bed and said ‘God, I need Your help.’ He was silent. I started to pray for myself, but I suddenly stopped, and I began to pray for everyone I could think of that needed their prayers to manifest – that needed to see the hand of God move in their life. This took my mind off me.

Eventually, I decided to take a hot bath and soak away the day. As I did, I closed my eyes and saw something in the spirit. It was a wall, a very tall and wide wall – I couldn’t see where it ended or began. But as I looked upward, I could see the wall leaning – and I heard in my spirit…PUSH.

Many of us are waiting on the manifestation of things that are vital in our life, and many of us are weary. We need them to come now, not ten years from now. Some of us have immediate and important needs – there is only one thing we can do…push.

It appears that we have come to a place of ‘no turning back.’ We are in a place where we see our answer manifest if we PUSH or we can sit down and see nothing and settle into this place of a life ‘settled for.’ The choice is up to each of us – I can tell you what to do, but I can’t make you do it. I can show you the way to push the wall down, but I can’t make you push – only you can do that. I can pray for you but if you aren’t standing for yourself and doing what the Bible says do – nothing will change.

It’s labor, that’s for certain. A woman can’t come to time of birth and not give birth – there is no turning back at this point – birth is inevitable – but she has to PUSH. The only way you will see what you want to see is PUSH. Now, I know this message isn’t for everyone – but I also know that it is a word from God for some and when you read it, you will know if it is for you or not – it will jump in your spirit and you will feel the need to PUSH.

So many of us have been waiting for a financial breakthrough – we have tithed as the Bible tells us to and gave and gave and have yet to see our breakthrough. Some of us are believing for restoration of a marriage but it seems it has gotten 10 times worse than when you started. Some of us are believing for our children to walk with God but it seems that sin is more rampant and they are farther away than when we first began. Some of us are trusting God for healing yet it seems worse and worse…trust me, I can relate – but it is like I said yesterday – you are closer than you think.

There is, apparently, a wall that needs to be pushed out of our way – I looked up the symbolism for a wall and it is a barrier or a separation.

Something is separating us from our breakthrough, our restoration, our healing and our spouse and it has no right to do that. Time we push it down, don’t you think!

So, how do we push? If you are trusting God for healing – begin to confess that you are healed now – confess it more than you did the day before. Every time you have a pain, declare ‘I AM HEALED NOW, PAIN CAN’T STAY – HEALING HAS SPRUNG FORTH AND THIS AFFLICTION WILL NOT COME ON ME AGAIN – I AM HEALED NOW!’

If you are trusting and standing in faith for your children. Love them more than you did the day before – confess the word of God over them – no matter what you see – say ‘ME AND MY HOUSE, WE ALL SERVE THE LORD THIS DAY, NOT TOMORROW, THIS DAY – MY CHILDREN WALK WITH GOD, TALK WITH GOD, OBEY GOD AND LOVE GOD, NOW, THIS DAY. SATAN, YOU WON’T HAVE THEM ANOTHER DAY – THEY BELONG TO GOD, THIS DAY!’

If you are standing in faith for your marriage to be restored, begin to declare that every wall and obstacle standing between you and your spouse comes down now in Jesus name.

If you have believed God to be out of debt or to have your needs met, don’t stop doing what you are doing. Confess that it is done now, in Jesus name. If you are a giver and a tither – I would recommend you increase your giving. The Bible says we reap in the measure we sow – if you want a weekly harvest, sow a weekly seed.

The only way to break the spirit of debt and lack is to give and keep giving and keep giving until you see the fulfillment of the abundant life. Everyone wants to prosper but not many want to hear that the Bible way to prosperity is through giving. DO you want to push down the wall that is stopping you from receiving your financial breakthrough? Then sow the biggest seed you have ever sown and watch it fall.

I am through with things standing in our way – I say we push. If we all push together and we all push at once, that wall I saw (regardless of how big it was) will fall. I say we cause it to fall THIS DAY – how about you? Will you help me push? Will you stand with me to demand this wall come down and be removed from our life forever?

I will leave you with this final note; another thing that a wall represents is doubt. You must fight with everything within you against doubt. When the enemy tells you that you have pushed before and it didn’t work – fight that thought with the word of God and tell him that all things are possible to him who believes and you believe this wall is coming down this day. When he tells you that sowing doesn’t work for you – tell him he is a liar – God has said you will reap in the same manner you sow in and all things are possible to him who believes and you believe this wall is coming down this day. When he tells you that your mama died with cancer and you will too, tell him he is a liar – by the stripes of Jesus you are healed and whole and if everyone else in the world died, you will live and declare the works of your God, tell him all things are possible to him who believes and you believe this wall is coming down. Fight against the doubt and command the wall of unbelief to come down in your life – and believe what God has said about you. It is not only possible – it is a promise – now PUSH!

Prayer for today: Father, I pray for every person reading this and I ask You to grace them for the journey they are on. Lord, faith is NOW and I thank You for imparting a fresh outlook and one of victory for the circumstances that they see. Strengthen them in their inner man so that any wall they see is nothing compared to the God we serve. Father, I thank You in advance for the testimonies that will arise from this day. In Jesus’ Name. AMEN!

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