I read a short writing from Marsha Burns this morning, it was a good word and one I needed, personally, to hear. Even as I read it, I could feel what she was speaking…I could feel the rain.
Let me share it with you today: In a vision I saw a soft, gentle rain falling on those who are at rest, completely surrendered to the LORD. The rain was filling cisterns that had become empty and dry. There was a sense of refreshment on every level–a healing of body and soul, memories and emotions; rejuvenation of the spirit. It was beautiful, sweet, pure life. I sensed a time of restoration and renewal by this rain of the Spirit coming to God’s people.

The first thing I noted in this writing was; those who are at rest…completely surrendered to the Lord. I realized that I am not at rest UNTIL I am completely surrendered to the Lord. As I was sitting at my desk, contemplating this truth, I read the rest of the writing again…God is sending a rain of refreshment to the empty and dry…even as I was reading this, I could ‘feel’ the rain of the Spirit in my office.

After a few moments, I heard the Lord speak to me; He said ‘when did I say there would not be rain?’ Ahhh…He was taking me back to a teaching He had given me several years ago.
Zechariah 14:17 says; And it will be that whichever of the families of the earth does not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, there will be no rain on them.
I don’t know about you today, but I could use some rain! My cisterns feel empty and dry. I am in need of refreshment on every level, body and soul, memories and emotions and rejuvenation of my spirit – I want His rain.

He was gently reminding me of the atmosphere that is always, without fail, soaked with rain….in His presence. There are certain atmospheres that produce rain, in the natural and in the spirit…worshipping God until His presence shows up will produce the rain we are so desperately needing.

If we take the time, and we need to take the time, to worship our King, we will experience the rain of the King.

My question to you today is this? Are you experiencing the rain of His presence? Do you feel refreshed and rejuvenated? Or, do you feel dry and empty?

If you are feeling dry and empty, have you taken the time to worship the King? If not, that could certainly be your problem.

Today I encourage you to meditate on this writing by Marsha Burns. Zechariah also says; ask the Lord for rain, at the time of latter rain, and He will give you rain. He will give you showers of rain, until you are completely satisfied. Doesn’t that sound awesome!

Imagine yourself standing in a field, you are hot and dry and you need a time of refreshing. Then, from out of nowhere, the Lord, your King, begins to send rain down on you. That wonderful, refreshing rain. This rain first brings a soothing sensation on the outside while working its way to the inside, bringing rejuvenation to you, spirit, soul and body. That is the rain the Lord wants to send on you today. It is time for rain; you only have to ask for it. Ask for it and create an atmosphere of rain. Take time to worship God each day…as you do, you will be washed in the rain of His spirit continually. Ahhh…I can feel it now, can’t you?

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