‘Don’t flinch when the devil rears his head.’ These are the words God spoke to me recently.

Hebrews 10:38 says; ‘Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.’

I was thinking about this scripture a couple weeks ago when something occurred in my personal life that made me want to flinch and draw back. I was in the middle of working and received a note that was quite disturbing, I had to stop and pray for a bit before I could properly respond.

As I was having trouble shaking it off, I heard the Lord say to me. “Kim, don’t flinch when the devil rears his head.’ Therefore, I heeded that command and shook it off and went on with my day.

A couple days later, Breanne had something come up that quickly made her quite angry. She and was very upset about it. I could feel it when she walked into my house, the kids could even sense it. A few minutes later when we had the opportunity to speak alone, I talked with her about it. I shared my story with her and said, ‘you can’t react when the devil pulls something like this.’ She said, ‘but Mom, this could be really bad for us.’ I said, ‘Breanne the devil has no power over you or your life, stay in peace.’ I reminded her that the devil is LIKE a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, he is NOT a roaring lion and cannot devour anyone that won’t allow him to. He has no right or authority to devour what belongs to God or what belongs to you. Remember that!

Breanne changed her attitude quickly and within hours the matter was resolved.

You see the devil wants us to take ourselves out of a place of faith and take ourselves out of a place of peace. He can’t take us out of that place himself, he has no power over us, only we can take ourselves out of that place and if we refuse to abandon faith and peace, we have a promise from God that it will turn for our good.

I truly don’t know why our first response is normally anger when someone attacks us. But it usually is. In this area we need to renew our minds so that instead of reacting to what they are doing, we respond according to the word of God. I have found, in my own life, that this empowers me to walk in great peace.

I read a scripture today in the Message Bible that I loved….let me share it with you. It is found in Isaiah 53:12 and it is talking about Jesus, it says; therefore, I’ll reward him extravagantly – the best of everything, the highest honors – because he looked death in the face and didn’t flinch.

In the very worst day imaginable, the Bible says Jesus didn’t flinch. Why then do we flinch when we look things in the eye that are much less than what He suffered that day? Are we not to be like Jesus? Should we not also, refuse to flinch?

This scripture shows us there is a reward for those who refuse to draw back at times of challenge, there is a reward for refusing to flinch when the devil rears his heard or roars in your life.

The reward of refusing to flinch when the enemy comes at you is an extravagant reward, the best of everything!

This reminds me of another time Jesus encountered the devil. It is in the book of Matthew, chapter 4. The Bible tells us that Jesus was led in the wilderness to be tempted of the devil – and tempted He was. How did he respond? Did he get angry? Did he lash out? Did he become afraid? No, No and No. He responded with ‘IT IS WRITTEN.’ Every single time, He responded with IT IS WRITTEN. He walked in victory. Oh my. HE wasn’t trying to get victory, He knew He had victory and He was simply walking in what He already possessed – as should we.

Friends, we are not trying to get victory, we HAVE victory, it was purchased for us at the cross. It is already paid in full!

It is our covenant right to walk in that victory, just as Jesus did. Our job is to respond like Jesus, respond with IT IS WRITTEN anytime the devil rears his head.

We will not flinch or draw back. We will not become afraid, we will declare the word of the Lord! AMEN! It is high time we stop flinching at the devil and recognize who he is and who he isn’t. And it is high time we remember who we are in God. It is time to respond with IT IS WRITTEN.
When we do this, peace will reign. And peace is good.

Prayer for today: Father, I thank you for helping us to remain in peace, even when the devil roars in our life. We choose to keep our focus on you and who you are in our life. To YOU be all the glory, honor and praise God….in You alone we trust. In Jesus name. Amen.