For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from His.  Hebrews 4:10

One of the most difficult things many believers face is entering into and remaining in the rest of God.

If you have ever experienced the rest of God, you will quickly know when you have stepped out of it.  There is so much peace and faith in His place of rest.

You will find no laboring in the flesh, no toiling.

Hebrews 4:10 says when we enter into the rest of God, we cease from our own works.  In other words, we stop trying to make it happen in our own strength and simply believe what God says.  And…we rest in that truth.

For some of us, who are fixers or people who like to get it done this may be a difficult place to find.  This place is a resting place, one definition calls it a calming of the winds place. I love that!

God may show us something or we find a promise in the word.  We begin to confess the word and believe God to do what He has shown us.  That’s exactly what we are supposed to do.  Then what?

Then we rest in Him, knowing it is done.

Not all of us do that.  Many of us continue to labor and toil, trying to make it happen.  To help God out a bit.  I have learned when I begin toiling, to stop and breathe a moment and seek God.  You see, it is very likely that I have stepped out of the rest of God if and I have stepped into toil and labor.  Remain in His rest.  That’s the only place you will find His blessing.

The rest of God is a place of trust.  A place of knowing it is done.  It is not a place of trying to make it happen by yourself.

You will know you have stepped out of the rest of God when you begin to get frustrated and weary of the battle.  You will know you have stepped out of the rest of God when you are laboring hard to get it done and nothing is going right.  When you are out of the rest of God you will feel pressured and pushed to get it done.  God doesn’t pressure.  God compels and leads and draws but He does not pressure or push.  When you feel pressured, stop and get back into the rest of God.

Recently, I felt in my spirit it was time for a particular thing to take place.  I began to get out daily and look for that thing that needed to happen.  I knew it was time and I was trying to help it out.  For days I headed in this direction, working toward the thing I knew it my spirit it was time for.  What did all that accomplish?  Absolutely nothing.

I stepped out of the rest of God and into works and I received nothing but frustration.

I quickly realized I was no longer in His rest in this area.  I purposed in my heart to get back into the rest of God.  To fully trust and rely on Him and His word.  To labor to enter into that rest by choosing to trust Him.

Then the strangest thing happened, that thing I had been trying to work out, I got a phone call and everything was worked out.  And it came to me…it came to me!  I was at rest, no longer working for it.  I had stepped back in the place I was destined to be, the rest of God and it worked itself out.

Ceasing from your works is ceasing from anything accomplished by your hand or mind.  Even my mind had become weary from trying to work it out.  That is a clear indication that I was no longer in the rest of God.

Have you been where I was?  Trying to fix it?  Trying to make it work?  Trying to work it all out by yourself and in your own flesh?  I bet many of you have.  Has it frustrated you?  I bet it did!

If you are feeling that frustration and weariness from a situation you have probably stepped out of the rest of God.  Perhaps you have never really entered into His rest.  His rest is an awesome place to be.  It is where I choose to dwell.  God created everything without toil and labor.  It was birthed in the spirit, spoken from His lips and then He rested.  He didn’t struggle with it, He rested, He entered the rest of God.

You and I are to do the same.  Sure, we pray about it.  Yes, we speak it out our mouth.  Yes, we do everything we are told to do by God to bring it to pass, but then we rest.  We don’t keep fighting trying to make it work.  We don’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  No, we enter into His rest.  And we choose to remain in His rest.  Knowing that what we have birthed in the spirit and spoken from our lips, is safe in Him.


Meditate on this:

My soul finds rest in God alone.  Psalm 62:1