One morning last week, I awoke with a sobering feeling.  Sometimes God does that with me, he gives me a feeling about something – not necessarily a word from God – just a feeling.

This was a feeling I couldn’t shake therefore I began to seek God about it.  The feeling didn’t go away, and I want to share it with you today.  If it bears witness with you, pray into it with me – if not, simply ignore it.

This feeling that dropped in my spirit was that the time of evil and darkness dominating our nation and world is coming to an end.  That is the good news.  The other side of that story is this; as darkness begins to crumble and evil knows it has lost, those involved will do everything in their power to have one final thrust and take as many down with them as they can.  They will eventually implode and turn on one another in the process.

If this takes place, it will look and feel chaotic.  It will be confusing to some and fearful to others.  God does not want us in fear.  He wants his people to stay in peace regardless of what is going on around them.

I shared this feeling with a friend of mine who informed me that is exactly what happened with Hitler, once he knew he was losing.

The same day, my friend Karen and I talked about this feeling and how we felt about it.  Consequently, she sent out an email to her readers/ intercessors. I want to share part of that email with you…

Throughout the Bible we see where the enemies of God, more often than not, turned on each other as God’s people simply watched. However, before that happens in our scenario, things are going to intensify. This is where we are now. This is not a word to create fear, but to bring encouragement. While there a strong thrust left, it will be defeated, and the enemy will turn on each other.

 Darkness IS falling and failing. God is pulling down the darkness and removing those who in

arrogance refuse to bow their knee. As they recognize their time is short, they will attempt to take as many down with them as possible. This is where we must hold fast.

When it looks like victory has come, that is where some prematurely lay down their swords. That would be unwise. We must remain vigilant. We must remain steadfast in prayer and in our hearts. This is not a word to fear, but a warning that for a short time, darkness may intensify, BUT the Light has won. We are close and I pray that it IS a December to remember!

I believe we are in an exciting time – we, the people of God are going to see God turn this around and fulfill every promise he has made to his people.  Also, it is a sobering time.  I believe we are going to see the wicked fall and great will be that fall.  It won’t be a pretty sight of that, I am sure.  We cannot and should not rejoice at their fall. Instead, we must continue to cry out for mercy.  God’s word is clear, he doesn’t want ANY to perish…neither should we.

We have nothing to fear.  Even if things appear darker – remember, God has a plan and it’s a good plan.  One to give us a future and a hope.  The key is focus.  To keep our eyes firmly planted on God.  Keep our heart fully set on his word.  Focus.  That’s the word I continue to hear in the last few days – focus.

Focus in the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is defined as; A central point; point of concentration. It also defines it as; a point in which rays of light meet, after being reflected.

During this season, may we reflect God and His light.  May He alone be our central point of concentration.  For in that place, peace and rest remain.



Appoint My Days

I am thankful that I can freely ask for wisdom in all things!  God is always ready to give me wisdom generously when I ask.  Wisdom!  I will love you like a sister!  Understanding – you are an intimate friend.  I call to the Lord, and He tells me great and mighty things I do not know!  Hallelujah!

James 1:5, Prov 7:4, Jer 33:3