Recently, I was studying the book of Acts. It always amazes me that the outpouring of God was still going strong two years later, as we find in Acts 2. I began to think about how the people of God kept their passion for God and His works burning strong for that long.  These days, many find it difficult to remain passionate for just a few weeks.

Consequently, I found the reason for that consistent passion in Acts 2:42. The Bible says the people were steadfast in some things; that is what I want to share with you today. The word steadfast here means they continued in daily, they persevered in these things and did not faint or give up, they were steadfast.

What were they steadfast in?

  • The teaching of the apostles
  • In fellowship with one another
  • In breaking bread together
  • In prayer

Let’s take a look at these four things that enabled the people to remain passionate for God and walk in great power for such a long time.

First of all they were steadfast in the Apostle’s doctrine or the teaching of Jesus Christ. Daily…every single day they listened to the teachings of Jesus. They continued in the word of God. This was one of the things that helped them to keep revival fires burning.

Secondly, they were steadfast in fellowship. The Bible dictionary defines this as joint participation or a joining together of like faith. Daily they gathered with other believers and fellowshipped in the presence of God. There was unity in their group, so much so that they made sure everyone’s needs were met.  These folks were concerned about one another. They were as concerned for the people’s needs as they were for their own needs.  They were in complete unity with one another. The Bible says where there is unity there is a commanded blessing of life evermore.

Next, they were steadfast in the breaking of bread. They had daily communion. The Bible calls communion, the love feast. Each time they gathered, they broke bread, and remembered what Jesus did at the cross, just as the Bible teaches us to.  There is great, great power in this practice. I would recommend you begin to take time to take communion or break bread on a regular basis – remember it is the Lord’s love feast.

Finally, they were steadfast in prayer. Prayer was not an option for them, it was a daily practice.  It was not just something they did when they were in trouble.  Not a day passed without them going before the Lord in prayer.  Praying about their day.  Praying for people.  Praying for direction. They had a dedicated PRAYERFUL life.

This group, as we all know from scripture, was a powerful group.  Signs and wonders took place on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Bible says the Lord added to the church DAILY. Daily increase. Would you like daily increase in your ministry? Would you like daily increase in your business? Would you like daily increase in your finances? If so, here are four keys to bring you to a place where God will add to your life daily, just as he did for them. It will require steadfastness and perseverance, but it can be yours.  Commit to follow the examples of the book of Acts, steadfast in the word, in fellowship, in communion and in prayer.  This are your keys to remaining on fire for God.  And for daily increase. May they both be yours in the new year.


Appoint My Days

My love overflows more and more, and I grow in knowledge and understanding.  I will live pure and blameless until the day of the Lord’s return.  I will be filled with the fruit of my salvation—the righteous character produced in my life by Jesus Christ—for this will bring much glory and praise to God.

Phil 1:9-11