IMG_0926For several weeks I have been thinking about something God said to me. He said ‘keep my testimonies.’ I found this to be very interesting and I kept pondering it. On Friday, we went shopping and Bryson made a statement that brought it all to life for me…I love when that happens.

Let me back up just a bit first. In Deuteronomy 6:17 we are told to keep the commandments of God, however He doesn’t stop there. God says keep my commandments, keep my statues and keep my testimonies.

As I completed a word search on these three words I found that commandments is just what we think it is; keep the commandments of God. The word ‘statues’ means a prescribed limit, limits inscribed and decreed by God. How many of you know that there are things, limits that God simply will not allow us to cross? My great-grandmother would often say ‘God don’t love ugly always.’ That meant there was a limit and you didn’t want to cross it. We see this in scripture, when God’s people went too far they suffered the consequences. Yes, God is merciful but there are also times when you cross Him or His word and you will suffer the consequences of that sin.

The third word ‘testimonies’ means those things you have witnessed and seen evidence of. Remember in the Old Testament, God told Moses to tell the people to tell their children and their children’s children how God brought them out of Egypt? That same thing still applies today. If we don’t tell our children and grandchildren about God and what we have witnessed Him do, how will they ever want to know this great and awesome God?

I believe we have let this slip in the Body of Christ, and I believe we need to get back to remembering His testimonies and sharing them with others. But how do you do that? I saw this in action on Friday.

We were going shopping and we were going to a particular store. Bryson asked where we were going next and I told him the name of the store. I said ‘remember, we went there a couple weeks ago?’ He said ‘no, I don’t remember.’ I began to share with him things that he looked at and things they had in the store, the first few times he said ‘I don’t remember.’ But as I kept talking he said ‘Nana, you are making me remember.’ Then he started telling me what all he had seen at that particular store.

This is the same thing that happens with testimonies. When people are discouraged or even when you are discouraged yourself, you can begin to share the testimonies of God, the things you have witnessed for yourself and before you know it you will remember how big your God is and how small this circumstance is. In fact, you can go to your circumstance and tell it how big your God is, you can tell your circumstance what your God did last time and how he will do it again, how he will never fail you nor forsake you, as you do you are causing yourself to remember and once you remember, your faith will go through the roof and THAT is an atmosphere God can work in.

1 Samuel 30 talks about King David, people were trying to kill him day after day; he was literally running for his life. The bible says ‘he encouraged himself in the Lord.’ David reminded himself that God was with him when the lion attacked and when the bear attacked. David reminded himself of the outcome. Then David reminded himself what happened on the day that Goliath came down, God was certainly with him that day too. As David reminded himself, he remembered what a big God he served and he was empowered to continue on his destiny in God.

Psalm 119 says ‘blessed is he who keeps Gods testimonies.’ Blessed, or empowered to prosper is the one who remembers all God has done. My question for you today is; are you keeping His commandments? Are you staying within His limits? Are you keeping and remembering and declaring His testimonies? If you are, then you are empowered to prosper in every way…take time today, remember His testimonies, remember, call to mind what you have witnessed him doing, then get on the phone and tell someone, declare his testimonies today, as you do, you will empower yourself to prosper.

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