Today I have been thinking and praying about memorials. I am talking about the one in Acts 10; I could not get it off my blue sunset

Acts 10:4 says ‘thy prayers and thy alms have come up as a memorial before God.’ It was referring to Cornelius, his prayers and his offerings or donations had come up before God as a memorial – first of all, what is a memorial?

The Bible defines it as a donation, a gift or being merciful by giving. Apparently Cornelius was a big giver, or at least a faithful giver and his giving along with his prayers had caught God’s attention. Because it had caught God’s attention, God sent an angel to him. If you read the rest of the chapter you will find that because of Cornelius’s giving and prayer, God gave him divine revelation of Jesus, he was baptized in the Holy Ghost and his life was never the same…all because he prayed and gave offerings faithfully.

The Bible defines memorial as to recall to mind and a remembrance. A remembrance, I found this interesting because it made me think of another scripture in Isaiah 43:26 when God said ‘put Me in remembrance, let us plead together that you may be justified.’ God, Himself was saying ’cause me to remember, let us talk about this, let us judge this situation, and show me the facts.

When we go before God with legal proof of what we believe (and that is found in the word of God) we are able to sit down and talk about it with God, show Him our legal rights and put a demand on the word of God for the fulfillment of that promise. And something always happens when God is put in remembrance.

In Genesis 8, after the flood, the Bible says; ‘and God remembered Noah.’ The moment God remembered Noah things changed, the waters stopped and Noah and His family were delivered onto dry ground, AND, God showed them a sign of His covenant – the rainbow.

In Genesis 19, the Bible says ‘and God remembered Abraham.’ The city was being destroyed but because God remembered Noah, He spared Lot and His family…only because He remembered Abraham.
In Genesis 30 the Bible says ‘and God remembered Rachel.’ When God remembered Rachel, He opened her womb and this woman who had been barren for years was no longer barren. All because God remembered Rachel.

I will say it again, something always happens when God remembers. I have been praying all weekend that your offerings, your donations, your tithes, regardless of where they have been sown will come up NOW, in this season as a memorial before God. I am praying that God is put in remembrance of your prayers and your offerings and something happens – drastically, just as it did every single time the Bible says ‘and God remembered.

He said ‘put me in remembrance, let us reason together.’ That is what I have been doing for you and for me, putting Him in remembrance, reminding Him of His word and declaring that our prayers and our offerings have come up as a memorial unto Him this very day – that we will see signs of His covenant and the floods will cease…as it did with Noah. That we will see deliverance because He has remembered…as Lot did. And that every barren place will be opened up by the hand of an Almighty God…just as it was for Rachel. That is my prayer for us today, won’t you join me?