Today I want to remind you of a powerful tool, given to us by Jesus. What am I referring to? Communion. The Lord’s Supper. The Love Feast.

Partaking of communion is one of the tools God has given us against sickness and disease. Not only sickness, but any attack of the enemy. There is great power in communion.

When we take communion, we align ourselves with the body and blood of Jesus. In communion, we remember the fullness of what Jesus did at the cross. And we receive the fullness into every area of our life.

Perhaps you don’t partake of communion often. Or not in the privacy of your home. If not, after you read today’s writing, pray about making communion a part of your life. Especially during this current season.

1 Corinthians 11:24 says; Do this in remembrance of Me.

Most people are familiar with communion but only partake of communion on special occasions. Or at church with their congregation.
I want to share with you the power in private communion.

The word communion itself means partnership, participation, intercourse and fellowship.

From the definition alone, we see communion is a very intimate act. It is a time when we become ONE with Jesus and what He did at the cross.

It is also called the Cup of Blessing, which means the seal of the covenant. I love that!

We understand how a seal works. It covers and protects what is inside. It lets nothing of the outside in. This is more important today than ever.

In Luke 22, we find Jesus greatly desired to eat this meal with His disciples before He went to the cross. Communion is all about the cross and what Jesus accomplished there.

For me, even after years of partaking of communion, it remains a mystery to me in some aspects. Yet, I have seen the power of the communion meal in my own life on many occasions.

1 Corinthians 10:16 says; the cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, it is not the communion of the body of Christ?

This scripture is saying, when we drink of our communion cup, you are drinking, becoming one with, fellowshipping with, and becoming a partner with the blood of Christ. When you eat the bread, you are becoming one with, fellowshipping with and becoming a partner with the body of Christ. When you do that, you become one with all He accomplished at the cross. You become partners with prosperity, healing, wholeness, soundness of mind and every other thing Jesus took back at the cross.

You become one with Him who bought back your right standing with God. Who empowered you to enjoy the good life He has for you, the life He died to give you.

That’s what you partner with in communion.

And you remember Him. You honor Him. You honor Jesus, you honor His body and His blood. As you do, all that was purchased at the cross is once again sealed for you. The seal is applied as you drink of his blood and eat of his flesh.

Personally, communion has often broken the hold of the enemy in my life when it seemed nothing else was working, especially where healing is concerned. One time always stands out in my mind.

Several years ago, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. The very next day, my leg began to swell. Since I am not one who runs immediately to the doctor, I took it to God and ask what I should do about this. He told me to trust Him. So, I did. Over the next few days my leg began to look like something that needed to be removed. My family was coming by daily to tell me if I did not do something, I would lose my leg. A nurse came by and told me if I saw streaks going up my leg, the poison had entered my blood stream and there would be no saving my leg at that point.

Now, I do NOT recommend this, and it is not something I would have done had I not clearly heard from the Lord.

After several days, the fever in my leg was almost unbearable, I had streaks up my leg from the poison in my blood. The pain was intense. The leg that had been bitten was twice the size of my other leg. I continued to confess Gods Word and His faithfulness. One night, when I thought I could not stand it anymore, I cried out to God and said, “You are going to have to do something here.” He gave me simple instruction. He told me to take communion.

That night, I took communion; I received again, all Jesus had purchased through His body for me. I remembered Him and I sealed that covenant by faith, with His precious blood. Then I went to bed with my leg in the same condition it was before taking communion.

The next morning when I awoke, my leg was normal. The fever was gone. The swelling had disappeared. There was no pain at all. You could not even tell I had been bitten, except for a small speck where the bite was, which I still have on my leg today.

Through the finished work of the cross, represented by communion and the seal of His blood, every symptom left and wholeness came back to my leg.
All the naysayers and those sincerely concerned about my health came by the next day. They stood in awe at the faithfulness of my God. God got all the glory.

Communion is powerful. Jesus desires that we partake of it often and I agree. The power of communion is unlimited. It brings you closer to Jesus. You become one with Him. You partner with Him. You fellowship with Him. Most of all you remember what He did for you. You not only receive it but seal it with the power of communion.

Take some time out this week for communion. Just you, and Jesus in oneness. There is nothing else like it. And remember, it is not only for healing but for everything Jesus accomplished at the cross.

Meditate on this:
Heal me Lord, and I will be healed. Jeremiah 17:14