I love birds, I love to hear them chirp and see them fly around.

For this reason, I keep a couple bird feeders near or on my back porch.  I could spend hours sitting there enjoying the birds in my yard. I have one bird feeder that hangs off my porch.

This allows me to not only see the birds when I am sitting on my back porch but to also see them from my prayer room. I have enjoyed having it there.  Sometimes I sit and watch the birds come and go as I pray or study.

However, this spot is also by a wood beam where raccoons and squirrels can climb to get to the bird feeder. I have moved the feeder farther out time and again to try to get it to where these creatures won’t climb up the wood on my porch because it leaves ugly claw marks that I must continually fix and paint. Nothing I have done or moved has worked.

I was standing outside looking at it one day, when I heard the Lord speak to me in my spirit.  He said, ‘remove the bait.’

I know it sounds simple but frankly, I have enjoyed it there.  However, the time had come to completely remove it, because it was causing more trouble than it was worth.

I began to think about this and how it pertains to our walk with God. Is it possible that unpleasant or unwanted things could come into our life that otherwise would not have entrance?  Could it be that all we need to do is to remove the bait, so to speak?

Concerning health, I often speak to people who are trusting God for healing, yet they do not eat things that are necessary for good health.  Could this be the bait the enemy uses to get into their health issues.

Another bait that comes to mind today is the words of our mouth. I know I say this repeatedly, but I continue to see and hear it all the time. We have what we say. If what we are saying contradicts the word of God, then we have a problem.  That bait will draw the enemy into your life quickly.
Also, gossip is a bait of the enemy.  If you find yourself gossiping about others, rest assured, an enemy will grab onto that bait.

Recently we talked about anger and offense, this is another bait the enemy searches out.  He knows that where there is anger and strife, he has an open door and can come in and do all the damage he wants to do.  Don’t leave that bait out for him.

In our finances, we allow the enemy in if we refuse to tithe and give. The devourer is allowed in when we hold back what belongs to God. I often get letters from people who are struggling financially, and I ask them if they faithfully tithe and give and usually they tell me no, not always, but too often.

For those of us who tithe and give, it is vital that we make sure our words line up with what we want to see happen in our finances. It is also vital that we do not grow weary in our giving. You can’t out-give God. You may not see it right away, but you will see it. It is also vital that we are wise with our money and seek God when we are making financial decisions. He is wisdom – He will lead us and guide us into the best way for our finances…every single time.

In relationships, we allow the enemy in when we harbor or react in anger and unforgiveness. We simply can’t have this in our life. Love never fails. It doesn’t mean the other person is right, it simply means you are taking the high road, you are doing things Gods way.

I don’t know about you, but I want the fullness of life that God has offered me and that He sent His son to give me. I realize to have that I will have to do it His way, after all, His way is best. Therefore, I can’t allow things in my life that give the enemy entrance and I must remove all the bait that draws him near to me and my family. That’s my choice and in doing so, I choose life.

Lately, I am doing a lot of soul searching and making changes, it is a continual work for me. I believe it is that way for most of us. God is continually changing us and as He does, and we welcome those changes, we walk more and more in all He has for us.

Remove the bait, eliminate the problem.  It is a process, let’s enjoy the process. Let’s allow God to show us everything that needs removed. Let’s allow Him to make the necessary adjustments and corrections and let’s walk in all He has for us.
Prayer for today: Father, show me anything in my life that is bait to the enemy.  And help me remove it.  For this I give you praise, in Jesus name.  Amen.

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