I know many only celebrate the resurrection of our Lord once a year, however, it is something I think about often!

Today was one of those days, and as I thought about it, I began to think about this one thing…how Jesus arose. He died and was buried, all hope was gone, or so it appeared. Yet as bad as it was, He arose. I began to think about different people and how it is God’s desire that they too arise.

Isaiah 60:1 tells us to arise from the place that circumstances have kept us. This scripture tells us to rise to a new life, just as Jesus did that day. He arose to a totally new life, the resurrection power that reigns in Him caused Him to arise.

I have great news for you – the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you today; which means you possess the power to arise to a new life as well. Where have circumstances kept you? Are you in a hopeless place? Are you in a dark place of no hope? In Christ there is no such place – the enemy would want you to think it is over, just as he wanted Jesus to think it was over that day…but Jesus showed Him who really possessed resurrection power and you can do the same thing.

If you choose to reign with Jesus you will have to spend time in His presence and His word, time obeying what He speaks to you to do. You will have to seek His face, get His direction and then follow Him completely.

As I was thinking about all this, I remembered a prophecy I had once read – it goes so well with what was on my mind that I had to share it with you today, it says all I need to say. This prophecy is from James Donovan, read, enjoy and heed this powerful word…then ARISE!

Arise My servants! I have called you out of the world to be releasers of My Life and My Truth. Come and fulfill the plan and destiny I have for you. Yes come and sound the trumpet that I am the GREAT I AM.


I am risen and alive and moving through My people. In Me there is newness of Life. I have come to give you life abundantly. Receive My life and the gift I am offering to you. For where the Spirit is there is liberty and freedom.


So, arise and let My light shine through you My called ones. I am THE GREAT I AM, and I have come to redeem and set My people free. I have called you out of the world to reign with Me, as kings and priests. I have called you and predestined you for a purpose.


Yes, I have called you to be releasers of My greatness, and raise up a people who shall be releasers of faith and life. I have called My people to do greater signs, wonders, and miracles then Me. I have called you to be releasers of My Glory. My Presence reigns supreme over all the nations throughout the world from sea to sea, and throughout all eternity.


I call you to be obedient vessels for Me. Be obedient to My voice. Hear Me! I am the one who has emptied you out. So that I may fill you up with My Spirit. Accept Me and you will be filled with power and might from on high, and you will glorify Me, and sound the trumpet to announce and proclaim ME.


There is much turmoil in the earth; many disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, upset in the financial markets, and much unease. But in Me there is hope and victory. Take courage and step up in faith. I am calling a people to press into Me; to arise in Me, to Shine for Me, to walk by faith and not by what you see with your natural eyes.


Arise and come to Me for daily instruction and guidance, now is not the time to slack off. Press into Me with great diligence, steadfast desire; with hungry and thirsty hearts. In Me you will find everything you need. My hand is upon you beloved; fret not. But be bold and courageous, as you step out of your comfort zone and walk where I tell you to walk, and do all that I tell you to do – no matter how ridiculous or impossible it may sound or seem to you.


Remember this, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ME, and I use the foolish things to confound those who consider themselves wise, that I may prove I reign supreme above all and My ways are not your ways.

So do not bother trying to reason with your mind the things it cannot possibly comprehend or understand. Just obey Me, and you will be greatly blessed, beloveds.

In Me there is victory and triumph; for I am the GREAT I AM. I am your Lord, and I am your King. In Me you move and be, and I have called you to be My kings and priests. Sound the trumpet that I am Alive and well. I am the Deliverer and Redeemer of My people.


So arise and walk by faith, not by sight. Press into Me and hear My voice. Come daily to Me. Touch My garment and receive My healing touch and newness of life; resurrection Life through ME. You are alive and called to fulfill your destiny; to walk in My glory and release My glory. Within you is My river, and it will come up and flow out of you. So don’t quench My Spirit! Let My river flow. Arise and let My light shine through you. My kings and priests, you are called to reign with Me, and invade earth with Heaven.