“I am the resurrection and the life.” John 11:25

With Easter just around the corner, resurrection has been on my mind this week. I have been thinking about the power of resurrection. When Jesus walked on this earth, He daily walking in the fullness of the power of God. Yet, when He died and rose again, that power multiplied and is now available to every believer – if they only believe.

I see many people each day who have something dead in their lives. It may be a business that no longer has life in it. It may be a marriage that no longer has love in it. It may be a body that no longer has the strength it needs to enjoy life. It may be your checking account that seems lifeless these days. Whatever it is – it is not beyond hope. We, as joint heirs with Jesus Christ, have access to the power of resurrection.

That may sound odd to you. Let me ask you this question; are you in Christ? Yes, of course we are.

The Bible says that He is the resurrection and life. THE resurrection and life. If you are in Him, you are in resurrection and you are in life. If you are in it – it is in you.

Resurrection means a raising up, or a rising. Life means the state of one who is possessed of vitality. It also means the absolute fullness of life. You have the authority and the ability to cause anything that appears dead in your life to rise up and possess vitality and the absolute fullness of life. Wow! What awesome power God has given us in resurrection.

I know you are thinking ‘I know Jesus can raise the dead, but not me.’ Then you need to re-read your Bible – all the power and authority Jesus walked in has been handed to us. He said we could do the works He did and even greater works. It has been given to you and I to walk in resurrection power. It has been given to use to cause life to come back into things. How, you may ask? The same way God did – the same way Jesus did.

Let’s look at Romans 4:17. “Even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things that be not as though they were.” Romans 4:17

God quickened the dead. What does that mean? He caused it to live. Whatever was dead, He caused it to live. How did He do that? By calling those things that be not as though they were. WERE. If you get one word in your spirit out of this message – let it be – were. Were is in the past – not present and certainly not future.

You have to call it as though it already happened. To call it means to speak aloud or to utter in a loud voice. It also means to give a name to. Give your checking account a name, call it full to the overflow and running over. Call it already full. Call it already prosperous.

Give your marriage a name – call it a godly marriage – call it blessed by God – call it full of the love of God. Give your body a name – call it healed and whole. Call it strong and full of vitality.
Give those things that need life in them a name – but whatever you do – call it already done. Instead of saying ‘God is healing me’ say ‘God has healed me.’ Instead of saying ‘God is restoring my marriage’ say ‘God has healed my marriage and my wife/husband loves me more now than she/he did the day we married.’ Instead of saying ‘God is going to meet my needs’ say ‘God has already met all my needs and I have more prosperity than I have room for.’ Begin to declare them done and then refuse to back off your confession.

You have the power and authority to quicken those things that are dead – you only have to call them as though they already were. It’s that simple – just a change of speech. And life will come back to that thing – it has to. It has no choice – life or death will follow your words – speak life.

Let me share a testimony with you today. I have a friend who was trying to lose weight. She stopped eating junk food, she drank water instead of coke and she was exercising daily. But she was seeing no results and she would say ‘I have changed all this and I haven’t lost a bit of weight.’ Then God convicted her of what she was saying and she began to say ‘I have lost weight.’ She changed one simple sentence – calling it as though it were – were – already was. The next morning she had lost 2 pounds and has continued to lose weight. Why? Because the effects of her words have to follow what she speaks – it has no choice. That’s the power of our words. That’s the amazing power we walk in. You will have what you say.

Do you need resurrection in an area? Call it! Give it a name and call it forth. It will come. You can quicken every dead thing in your life and begin to experience life all around you – the absolute fullness of the life of God – now, who doesn’t want that!