When I first heard of the Asbury revival, I was excited, I still am. I knew revival had begun and would soon spread across our land. We are now hearing reports of revival in several different places, God is surely moving across our land.

As I read about these current revivals, I can’t help but think back to 1994, when the Toronto Blessing began in Toronto, Canada. The church I attended at that time was not in agreement with this move of God – but something in my heart drew me. Consequently, I heard about a church that was taking a bus to Toronto, so I called to see if I could get a seat. I was told the bus was full but if I was willing to sit on the floor I could go. I went. I stayed in a room with four women I had never met and had no affiliation with their church. It was well out of my comfort zone, but I was hungry and searching. That’s what I see in these revivals as well – hunger and searching. And He has been found.

I, for one, am thrilled God is revealing Himself across our nation, not in one place but in many. Not in the most well-known ministries, but amongst the nameless. Among the next generation. It is glorious to watch. What is not pleasant to watch is the negative comments, especially on social media.

“Why are the setting hours?”

“Why are they shutting down for a day?”

“Why are they trying to stop what God is doing?”

To these comments, I simply shake my head and ask God for mercy for these folks. As I stated earlier, no one is trained on how to handle such a thing – especially at our universities. They are simply doing the best they can. Instead of being critical, let’s keep them in prayer daily. Rather than share our negative comments, let’s thank God Almighty that He has chosen to pour Himself out on the generation coming behind us.

Make no mistake, if this generation becomes saturated in the presence and power of God, our world will change. It will be a drastic transformation. The very change we have been praying and crying out to God for. Let’s take note that we have been asking God to come back into our schools. He is back, this is an answer to prayer! In a big way! Therefore, let’s ask God to show us how to pray and stand in faith for these universities who are experiencing something they were not prepared for.

Attending the Toronto Blessing changed my life forever. These moments in time will do the same for every college student, teacher, and visitor that experiences the power of God at these gatherings. It can be another Upper Room experience such as the one we see in the book of Acts. If so, may it spread across our land, touching every city and state with the glory of God. May it spread to every university, as well as elementary, middle, and high schools – may that alone be our prayer as God continues to saturate our schools,  and every student, teacher and leader involved.